Age yourself with your first LEGO set!
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Age yourself with your first LEGO set!

Do you remember your first LEGO set? We asked that question to the members of our BrickResales community, and the results were pretty crazy. Read through to see whether anyone shares your first LEGO set, and let us know if yours isn’t there?

113 – Meg: “Loved building this house.”

263 – Helen: “Feeling old.”

312 – Ross

372 – Charlotte: “And I still have it. I built it for my kids a little while ago!”

379 – Carolyn: “Still love it, still play with it.”

537-2 – Nicky: “This was mine back in the 80s and I still have it and the instructions.”

890 – Charlotte: “Still have this one too. I must have stolen my brother's LEGO because it was his. Lol.”

924 – Julian: “The oldest set I have, which is in pieces and missing a few bits, is 924 from 1979, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have had it when it first came out I was only a few years old. I had a few other Space sets but it was the Castle series around 1984 which really captured my imagination. Still have them all these years later a little worse for wear and missing a few small pieces.”

6080 – Clay and Adam: “There was a few pieces missing from this that the BrickResales crew helped me source so I could complete the kit. Still a couple of random bits I need but I'll get them eventually.”

6356 – Brando: “This is the first set I remember getting and by far the set a played with the most. Still have it and my kids play with it now.”

6362 – 6692 – Ash: “Think I had most of these.”

6365 – Shelley: “My brother’s first set was 6363 and mine was 6365, I still have both.”

6609 – Andrew

6623 – Ben

6630 – Lou

6651 – Adam: “Still have most of it too! There’s a bit missing.”

6689 – Adam G.

6755 – Ryan

6824 – Jason: “Space Man from ‘The LEGO Movie’ and I still have him.”

6930 – Nickolas, Dan: “At least, it’s the first one I remember owning.” – Dan

7161 – Jeremy: “This bad boy.”

7730 (?) – Daniel: Old school trains with an epic track layout. My mother gave them away years ago so now I have the new trains with an even bigger track layout.”

Set number N/A – Suzan: “Not sure of the number. It was a little house with red roof and a picket fence, with the old-style figures with the round head. Won it in a colouring competition run by the local BP service station many moons ago.”

Set number N/A – Bettina: “Box of bricks with a window and a door. Oh, and some roof tiles!”

Set number N/A – Tyrion: “Lunar landing module with 3 astronauts and lunar vehicle. I still have it with the instructions.”

Set number N/A – Leane: “It was given to me as an unwanted raffle prize and was a town with an emergency station and two houses with cars and emergency vehicles - wish I still had it - played with it for hours! Hint - that was 50 years ago!”

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