6 Eggciting LEGO® Easter Ideas

6 Eggciting LEGO® Easter Ideas

Easter is on the horizon and while chocolate and hot cross buns are always front of mind, why not consider mixing things up with something extra eggciting for a LEGO® Easter this year? Creativity has always been at the heart of the LEGO® philosophy and Easter is the perfect excuse to get inspired. From irresistible eggs to cotton-tailed bunnies, LEGO® creations are a great way to celebrate this Easter.

Need more LEGO® bricks for your creations this Easter? Browse our preowned LEGO® products online, check out the six Easter-inspired ideas below and start building!

1. LEGO® Easter Eggs

Bright and colourful, LEGO® Easter eggs are a great way to get into the holiday spirit. If you need to stock up on colours, we have you covered here at BrickResales with our mixed bags of red, yellow and blue bricks. Replicating the oval shape of an egg and creating patterns with coloured blocks is also a rewarding challenge for LEGO® enthusiasts.

Read some tips on how to create your Easter eggs.

2. LEGO® Egg Racing Cars

Get the kids involved this Easter and build a fleet of LEGO® Egg Racing Cars. Race them down driveways, rain gutters, racetracks and any other slope you can create. If you need a little inspiration for your racers, order a few mixed bags of preowned LEGO® parts and bricks to get you started.

3. LEGO® Easter Bunny

Recreate your version of the beloved Easter Bunny using LEGO® bricks. Start with a cute pocket-sized bunny or go all out with a life-size version. Whatever size you opt for, a LEGO® bunny is perfect for placing on the dinner table as a decorative centrepiece or in the yard during an Easter egg hunt. Don't forget to stock up on pink and white LEGO® bricks. You'll need them!

Here’s one way to create your LEGO® Easter Bunny.

4. LEGO® Easter Basket

What better way to store eggs, bunnies and other chocolates than in a colourful LEGO® Easter Basket? The rounded edges and arched handle make this a challenging Easter project for LEGO® lovers.

Here’s one way to create your LEGO® Easter basket.

5. A Family Easter Dinner Scene

Want to avoid the drama of a real-life Easter dinner? Instead, build your very own LEGO® soiree, complete with eccentric attendees. Running low on LEGO® Minifigures for your Easter party? Check out the huge selection available at BrickResales. It’s a fun way for kids and adults alike to recreate themselves and their families in LEGO® form.

6. LEGO® Hot Cross Buns

Nothing says Easter quite like a hot cross bun. As well as indulging in the real thing this Easter, why not get creative and make your own sweet treats from LEGO® blocks?

Want to replenish your LEGO® inventory for the Easter season? Head over to BrickResales to browse our huge range of preowned LEGO® bricks, Minifigures® and other assorted parts.

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