Why to sell your pre-loved LEGO parts with BrickResales

Why to sell your pre-loved LEGO parts with BrickResales

Every year, the LEGO factory in Billund churns out more than 20 billion bricks used to build everything from castles and spaceships to cities and global landmarks. While some LEGO enthusiasts stockpile their creations, others prefer a minimalist approach. This is where BrickResales comes in. As well as selling pre-loved LEGO parts, we also purchase preowned bricks to sell back to the community at a reduced rate.

Are you looking to sell part of your LEGO collection in Australia? Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy when you sell LEGO sets online with BrickResales.

Are you interested in selling your LEGO? Contact us online or via Facebook to talk with one of our friendly team members about how to sell your LEGO pieces in Australia, or head here.

It’s eco-friendly

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Selling LEGO pieces that you no longer use or enjoy is a fantastic way to give your bricks a new lease on life and avoid anything ending up in landfill. This is very important for preserving our environment. While The LEGO Group has a mission to make all of its bricks environmentally sustainable by 2030, the old and current bricks can have a detrimental effect on our ecosystems if they’re discarded irresponsibly.

Share the joy of LEGO

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LEGO play is for everyone and when you sell your preowned bricks, you're helping those who may not be able to afford new sets enjoy this iconic toy. We package your preowned LEGO parts and sell it back to the passionate LEGO community in a variety of unique and enticing collections, including mixed bags and Minifigures.

Earn some extra cash

Selling your LEGO bricks through BrickResales can be a quick and easy way to earn money. Maybe you’ve finished with the LEGO toys phase in your life and would like some cash to buy clothes or simply gas up your car. Or maybe you’ve been saving up for your next big LEGO project and this is the little extra money you’ve been waiting for.


Want to know more about how to sell preowned LEGO pieces with BrickResales? The platform makes it easy to sell preowned LEGO bricks in bulk and earn cash with a simple three-step process:

  1. Get in touch via email (judy@brickresales.com.au), Facebook Messenger or online and send photos of your genuine pre-loved LEGO parts, along with your location.
  2. A member of the BrickResales team will respond within 24 hours with an approximate price.
  3. Once a price has been confirmed, you're invited to bring your pre-loved LEGO collection to the next BrickResales event in your area or arrange for collection. All payments are made in cash.

NOTE: You can skip all these steps by showing up at our next event with your preowned LEGO pieces. We’ll have cash ready to purchase it right there on the day. We don’t accept Mega-Bloks or any clone brands.


Just how easy is it to sell preowned LEGO parts with BrickResales? Here are some of the stories from people who’ve sold their bricks with us:

facebook good review brickresales

facebook good review brickresales

facebook good review brickresales

facebook good review brickresales

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