LEGO with love: builds to try this Valentine’s Day

LEGO with love: builds to try this Valentine’s Day


The day of love is fast approaching, and if you haven’t got a gift for your special someone, don’t panic. There’s nothing better than a hand-made gift, especially when it’s made with LEGO! We’ve rounded up our favourite builds to show your love this Valentine’s Day.

A classic heart, by LEGO // Make it here

Literally give someone your heart with this LEGO creation! They can display it on their desk or around the house and will always think of you.

‘I Love You’, from LEGO // Make it here

A single heart isn’t enough? Show someone you love them with this ‘I Love You’ sign instead!

A red rose, by Brick Twist // Make it here

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a red rose, though we think this one will last a lot longer than your average flower.

A heart-shaped box, by Brick-Star // Make it here

Build this heart-shaped box in your significant others’ favourite colours, or fill it with a love note or their favourite treat – the options are endless!

‘Be Mine’ mosaic, by Brick Art Maker // Make it here

Paper cards are officially out, and LEGO mosaics have taken their place! They’re more than just a heartfelt message – they’re a work of art.

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