Selling pre-loved LEGO parts with BrickResales

Selling pre-loved LEGO parts with BrickResales

Have you recently culled your LEGO collection, or are you constantly turning over your supply? We can help. Find out how to sell your pre-loved LEGO parts with BrickResales.

We love collecting LEGO pieces as much as the next person (hello, we started a whole business based on it!) but sometimes, you need to sort out your supply. Whether you’ve been on a LEGO set buying spree or you’ve fallen out of love with some former favourites, there are plenty of reasons people part with their pre-loved LEGO pieces.

Maybe the kids have flown the coop and you’d like to clear out your family’s collection? We hear that a lot. Or maybe they’ve simply tired of their LEGO collection and the cash would be a better option for your family right now? We understand that, too. 

If you’re keen to sell your LEGO pieces but aren’t quite sure how to go about it, we’re here to help. Read over the following frequently asked questions, and if there’s something we haven’t touched on, chat to us at

1. Does it have to be genuine LEGO parts? 
Yes. It’s important to note that BrickResales strictly buys pre-loved, genuine LEGO parts only. Any clone brands or knock-offs will not be accepted. We recommend going through your collection thoroughly to make the selling process smoother.

2. How much do you pay?
We purchase LEGO pieces at various rates (per kilogram) depending on the condition. This includes Minifigures.

3. What information do I need to provide?
When initiating a sale, please send us photos of your pre-loved LEGO collection and your location. You can do so via a Facebook message, our website’s Contact Us page, or email us at

4. Do you pick up? Or can I bring my LEGO collection to your next BrickResales community event?
Yes, to both! We can organise to pick up large collections anywhere in Australia and will bring our commercial scales to you if you're local to Brisbane. Get in touch with us at to find out more about the collection.

We also have the scales and extra cash at the ready at every BrickResales community event. All our events are listed at so you can choose which one is most handy and timely for you.

5. Do you buy sets?  
As we are parts sellers, we are happy to buy your sets by weight – not including boxes or instructions. We giveaway surplus instruction booklets for free at our events.

6. Do I need to clean my LEGO parts?
No. To make it easy for you, we have our own stringent cleaning processes so you don’t need to worry. Every single LEGO brick and part is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised by our team before it goes on sale.

7. Do I need to sort my LEGO collection into colours?
No. Again, to make it easy for you, simply provide your preloved LEGO pieces to us mixed up – we sort all LEGO parts after cleaning them. But, if you have already sorted your collection by colour, that’s great too. We’ll accept it like that as well.

8. Do I weigh the LEGO parts myself? 
No. We have our own commercial scales to weigh your LEGO collection at your location, as well as at our BrickResales events.

9. Do I need to provide a container?
Again, nope! We will also bring our own containers if we are collecting LEGO pieces from you.

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