Unlock a world of endless imagination and adventure with the ultimate collectible - Minifigures!

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FAQs on Minifigures

Are you looking for new, interesting Minifigures to add to your collection? Mix and match to create your own settings and custom characters. Collect to start a monochrome collection or hunt for rare Minifigures at BrickResales!

What is available?

Our shop offers various mini LEGO characters from films, TV and video games and every LEGO theme. Not only do these minifigures offer hours of imaginative playtime but they also make great displays and unique gifts for someone special in your life.

With our wide selection of original LEGO figures, convenient online ordering system, and affordable prices, there's no better source than BrickResales for licensed LEGO miniatures such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, Friends, Legends of Chima, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Jurassic World, DC Superheroes, The Muppet, Minecraft, Marvel, Star Wars and Ninjago minifigures in Australia! 

Why buy second-hand Minifigures?

Buying second-hand is a great way to save money on your LEGO hobby without sacrificing quality or fun. All of our preloved minifigs are genuine LEGO products and thoroughly cleaned and sanitised before put up for sale. 

Plus, you're supporting sustainability! You keep these beloved toys out of landfills after other families have lovingly enjoyed them before yours! Buying from BrickResales is one way to participate in a LEGO Circular Economy.

Finally, it's fun to scour the internet for amazing deals on second-hand LEGO parts! With different options available online, you never know what you might find. Second-hand bricks for sale offer endless possibilities and keep the hunt exciting! And remember, we stock up every day both in our online store and our Showroom!

What are other LEGO options?

At BrickResales, we also carry individual pieces so you can build whatever your heart desires! Whether you need an extra window piece or want to replace a missing minifigure head, our selection has everything you need.

If LEGO building is your passion, we have mixed packs of unique LEGO bricks to help you build exciting models or scenes. We also have free LEGO instructions in our Showroom that you can take home! Learn more about the BrickResales showroom here.

But our selection is broader than individual pieces or bulk LEGO bricks! We also offer LEGO-themed merchandise, such as clothing and accessories, so that you can show off your love for LEGO building with the world around you!

With BrickResales as your go-to source for LEGO minifigures collection for sale in Australia, you’ll never run out of ways to express yourself through this timeless hobby! Shop today and start building your amazing minifigures collection!