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BrickResales LEGO Reselling Site Opens First Store in Coopers Plains

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A self-confessed LEGO geek, who has been selling loose LEGO pieces at her online store, BrickResales, has decided to expand and open a physical store in Coopers Plains despite the economic impact of the pandemic.

Judy Friedman, from Albany Creek, wasn’t discouraged by the public health crisis as she realised she could still organise four-hour long of LEGO building events without the risks of crowding. It’s these events, which have practiced social distancing even before it became the norm, that pushed Ms Friedman to launch the brick-and-mortar store/showroom.

“BrickResales is so much more than a ‘pre-loved LEGO brick business’. BrickResales is a community of people, connected through the amazing LEGO world!” the welcome message stated on her official site.

LEGO Bricks

Ms Friedman started selling loose LEGO pieces, including rare finds, at $5 per 100 grams in 2010 on eBay and had her garage as the “stock room.” Before long, she moved to a small church hall, temporarily set up with 19 tables, as her supplies and sources grew and the demand for her business expanded.

During the first wave of COVID-19 lockdowns, Ms Friedman noticed a spike in sales from her online shop. Fuelled by her passion and eagerness as she missed interacting with the LEGO community, the mum decided to finally set up her shop.

BrickResales Showroom Location

Ms Friedman said that she plans to have monthly raffles at BrickResales, which will benefit RizeUp, a domestic violence foundation. The mum is an advocate for helping women in this situation as she was once a victim, too. 

“In simple terms, we are buying and selling pre-loved LEGO parts, but what we do involves much more than that. Adults and children who love building with LEGO bricks can sometimes be isolated, and sometimes this is a choice.”

BrickResales’ showroom is open every Thursday to Monday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Shoppers may also bring used LEGO parts to sell at the store.

Source: Robertson News – BrickResales LEGO Reselling Site Opens First Store in Coopers Plains



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