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BrickResales Showroom

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BrickResales(Lego Shop Australia)
is a massive showroom open to the public that buys and resells quality, pre-loved LEGO for a fraction of the cost of brand new LEGO. 

LEGO Bricks in a white container

The owners of Brisbane’s first second-hand LEGO bricks store, Judy and Greg, were regulars at local LEGO events like the popular BrisBricks, where thousands of LEGO fanatics would line-up for the chance to dig through tonnes of LEGO to find the right parts for their collections.

Man picking LEGO Bricks

When Covid-19 hit and LEGO pop-up events were cancelled, Judy and Greg did what any determined business owners would do. They pivoted, setting up BrickResales on-line which became so successful, they have just opened BrickResales’ first bricks and mortar store.

Brand new LEGO parts

Inside the 640 square metre showroom, LEGO enthusiasts of all ages can rummage through tubs of pre-loved Lego looking for bits and pieces to add to their collection. You’ll find everything from DUPLO, LEGO Friends and minifigures to trains, robotics and Technic parts – in a rainbow of colours. Purchase 1 piece or 1 kilo with bricks priced at $5 per 100 grams.   

LEGO on display

In addition, there are brand new LEGO parts available for sale as well as a few LEGO kits.

Batmobile, Star Wars' R2-D2, Ghostbusters LEGO made

If you need some inspiration, just look around the showroom with awesome LEGO builds on display including the Batmobile, Star Wars’ R2-D2, Ghostbusters’ Ectomobile and more. 

By Deb Lidster

Source: Must Do Brisbane – BrickResales



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