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A World of Creativity, Community and Pre-Loved LEGO

LEGO is a great way to unleash your creativity

In the heart of Coopers Plains lies a vibrant hub of creativity, imagination, and community spirit – BrickResales. As Australia’s largest Pre-Loved LEGO recycling specialists, BrickResales isn’t just a place to buy and sell LEGO bricks; it’s a haven for LEGO enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds.

Walking into their massive 640 sqm showroom feels like stepping into a LEGO wonderland. The shelves and entryway are adorned with a wonderful array of LEGO builds, showcasing the creativity and craftsmanship of the BrickResales community. From intricate cityscapes to whimsical landscapes, creatures, characters and works of art, these displays offer a glimpse into the endless possibilities of LEGO construction.

This bricks and mortar showroom is massive

When you survey the enormous space, you’ll see everything LEGO, from common parts to rare minifigures and everything in between, their collection boasts a treasure trove of possibilities for brick lovers. Whether you’re hunting for missing pieces to complete a set or seeking inspiration for your next creation, BrickResales has something for everyone.

BrickResales is a great place to…
Buy those missing DUPLO and LEGO pieces you need for your buildConnect with other LEGO enthusiastsPick up a complimentary instruction bookletBuild creations on your own or with family and friendsSee a wide range of amazing LEGO sculptures and scapes

Displays like this wild west scene by Greg are always changing

But beyond being a mecca for LEGO aficionados, BrickResales is a thriving community where people come together to share their passion for LEGO. Judy Friedman, the Owner and Founder of BrickResales, describes it as more than just a business – it’s a place where connections are forged, ideas are born, and dreams take shape.

“We have people that come and pick their parts,” Judy says, “They might be building things from scratch that they have designed. They may be finishing off sets that they are looking for that missing piece, or they just might be collectors that just want lots of everything.”

Dive into the tubs to find the perfect parts for your project
Grab some DUPLO here too

Take a quick look around the showroom

During my conversation with Judy, she shared insights into the vibrant community that thrives within BrickResales’ walls. Families, children, and LEGO enthusiasts flock to the showroom, especially during school holidays and weekends, to unleash their creativity. With complimentary building tables available, visitors can dive into their imagination and construct LEGO masterpieces on-site.

Here’s a pic’ of a LEGO Pikachu

Judy enthuses, “We have a big part of our community who come along and build and also we do encourage people right from young ages – it doesn’t matter what skill level they are – to bring their displays in here and just, enjoy just sharing what they can do.”

What sets BrickResales apart is their commitment to fostering a sense of belonging and inclusivity. Judy and her team celebrate every builder, from young children crafting their first LEGO creations to seasoned enthusiasts showcasing intricate designs.

Pick up a free instruction book and get building

7 Great Things About BrickResales

  • No entry fee to see the displays
  • Encourages builders of all abilities and ages
  • Great community spirit
  • Lovely welcoming staff
  • Stops pre-loved bricks going to landfill
  • Creative environment
  • Free parking
It’s the Muppet Show LEGO style

Moreover, BrickResales goes above and beyond to ensure the LEGO they offer is of the highest quality. Every piece of pre-loved LEGO undergoes a rigorous cleaning and sanitization process, guaranteeing a safe and enjoyable experience for customers. It’s this attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction that sets BrickResales apart.

As Judy shared anecdotes of the diverse clientele they serve – from families seeking missing LEGO pieces to corporate teams engaging in LEGO Serious Play – it became evident that BrickResales isn’t just a store; it’s a catalyst for creativity, learning, and community engagement.

You could make a fox for less with bargain preloved LEGO

One of the most heart-warming aspects of BrickResales is their commitment to giving back to the community. Whether it’s supporting local schools, young entrepreneurs, or charitable organisations like RizeUp , Judy and her team prioritise making a positive impact beyond their business endeavours. While many people sell their pre-loved LEGO to BrickResales, some people prefer to donate. Judy uses sales of donated items as an opportunity to always give back.

She reveals, “We will always donate that money to RizeUp, which is our preferred charity.”

Reflecting on BrickResales’ journey, Judy emphasised the importance of community support and collaboration. While they’ve encountered challenges along the way, the unwavering support of their loyal customers and the broader LEGO community has fuelled their success. The BrickResales team, including Judy’s husband and Master builder Greg, are very active in local LEGO events, such as BrisBricks LEGO Fan Event.

You could try making a rainbow version of a classic build like Judy has with this cool R2D2

In an age where digital entertainment often takes precedence, BrickResales stands as a beacon of hands-on creativity and human connection. It’s a place where LEGO enthusiasts young and old can come together, share their love for building, and unleash their imagination in a supportive and inclusive environment.

So whether you’re a seasoned LEGO builder or someone curious to explore the world of bricks, I encourage you to visit BrickResales. Step inside their showroom, embark on a journey of creativity, and become part of a community united by the joy of LEGO. After all, as Judy Friedman aptly puts it, “Lego is more than just a toy; it’s a world of endless possibilities waiting to be explored.”

Even the sign behind the counter and the staff name badges are LEGO

BrickResales is located at building 1B/836 Boundary Road, Coopers Plains. Open 8am to 3pm, Thursday to Monday. Who knows, you might even bump into one of the LEGO Masters who regularly pick up parts at BrickResales too!

Phone (07) 21111235 or email support@brickresales.com.au. Find them on facebook.com/brickresales or Instagram @brickresales.

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