January 29

Brisbane’s Unique and Quirky Shops

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If you’re on the lookout for the most unique and quirky shops in Brisbane – this list has got you covered. From vinyls to Harry Potter, archival books and nuts, check out this list.


BrickResales is a massive showroom open to the public that buys and resells quality, pre-loved LEGO for a fraction of the cost of brand new LEGO.

The owners of Brisbane’s first second-hand LEGO store, Judy and Greg, were regulars at local LEGO events like the popular BrisBricks, where thousands of LEGO fanatics would line-up for the chance to dig through tonnes of LEGO to find the right parts for their collections.

When Covid-19 hit and LEGO pop-up events were cancelled, Judy and Greg did what any determined business owners would do. They pivoted, setting up BrickResales on-line which became so successful, they opened BrickResales’ first bricks and mortar store.

Inside the 640-square-metre showroom, LEGO enthusiasts of all ages can rummage through tubs of pre-loved Lego looking for bits and pieces to add to their collection. You’ll find everything from DUPLO, LEGO Friends and mini-figures to trains, robotics and Technic parts – in a rainbow of colours. Purchase 1 piece or 1 kilo with bricks priced at $5 per 100 grams. 

In addition, there are brand new LEGO parts available for sale as well as a number of LEGO kits.

BrickResales doesn’t just sell LEGO parts – they also display some pretty awesome LEGO builds like a huge Gotham City display, the Flying Dutchman pirate ship from Pirates of the Caribbean, and more.


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