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Dig Through Tonnes Of LEGO At The South Side’s New Pre-Loved Lego Store

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January 27th, 2021
By Ranyhyn Laine

Box of LEGO

You know the sound of someone digging through a box of LEGO, looking for that one piece that they really need for their plastic brick creation? Well that’s just the sound you’ll hear as soon as you walk through the door of BrickResales, the south side’s new home of pre-loved LEGO.

Once a pop-up event business, before COVID put a stop to massive warehouse events, BrickResales buys and resells tonnes of LEGO in every shape, size and colour—and when we say tonnes, we mean tonnes. Owner and founder Judy Friedman, a Lego addict herself, built up a cult-following of people who would come from near and far to dig through containers of LEGO, and though BrickResales transformed into an online business during lockdown, the clamour for more events got so loud, that she decided it was time for a permanent store.

So where do those tonnes of LEGO come from, you ask? Well, it’s bought (by the kilo) from families and builders who no longer have use for it, before being thoroughly cleaned and sanitised by the BrickResales team (including by some LEGO-mad employees with disabilities—Friedman is committed to creating an inclusive workplace). From there, it’s sorted into containers, ready for shoppers to dig through in search of the exact pieces they need—or just bag up a few hundred pieces for that massive build.

Available to purchase either at $5 per 100g or as priced for minifigures, you’ll find LEGO bricks of every kind, and from every kit here. Most buyers come armed with a checklist of specific pieces they need for a particular build to tick off—though it might take a few visits and restocks to find every piece, we hear it’s possible to recreate pretty much every LEGO creation from the pre-loved pieces (and we appreciate that it’s more sustainable, not to mention way more fun). 

If you need some inspiration, you’ll spot a heap of builds from the team themselves lining the walls around the massive space, from VW vans in every colour to Star Wars and Batman creations. Also good to know, Friedman uses BrickResales events to raise money for a heap of local charities, including RizeUp Australia—so your hobby fund is going to a good cause. 

BrickResales officially opens on Friday 29 January, and with the huge number of fans who’ve been waiting for this day, bookings for opening weekend are a must. If you’d prefer to wait, the showroom at 836 Boundary Rd, Coopers Plains, will be open from 8am–3pm Thursday to Monday, no bookings necessary. 

Source: The Urban List – Dig Through Tonnes Of LEGO At The South Side’s New Pre-Loved Lego Store


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