July 11

LEGO Lovers Converge on Tamworth

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Tamworth Times
Wednesday July 11, 2018

AUSTRALIA’S only massive scale pick a brick LEGO event and Exhibition is coming to Tamworth on July 10 & 11 from 9am-3pm to entertain kids for the school holidays. Owner of BrickResales Judy Friedman is passionate about community, and combining the love of LEGO when more than 2,000 families coming from all over NSW will merge into the Carinya Christian School Hall.

Judy already has over 22 events she is organising in 2018, all raising money for RizeUp and community groups and has so far donated over $10,000 to assist families. Tamworth’s event is no exception.

BrickResales’ Team purchase LEGO bricks then they clean, sort and offer them for sale at all their events throughout Australia for the past 9 years. So yes, in simple terms they are buying and selling Preloved LEGO, but it is so much more than that.

They understand that LEGO adults and children can sometimes be isolated, and sometimes isolation is a choice. They know that LEGO is an amazing way to escape into a world of creativity, a world of non-judgement and a world of simply ‘being’.

This is what BrickResales does. They bring people together through LEGO. They create a place of non-judgement and freedom to buy as much or as little as people choose, a space to help others find their treasures and freedom to stay as long as they please.

LEGO enthusiasts will come as far as Newcastle, Sydney, Coffs Harbour and of course all over NSW for this event given it’s not only one of a kind, but it’s the first time BrickResales will come to Tamworth!



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