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LEGO resale company Brick Resales offering hundreds for unwanted toys

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Tuesday 27 October, 2020
By Rosie Barnett and Emily Olle


If you have children, chances are you also have tubs of LEGO tucked away in the cupboards.

But when the kids leave the house, what do you do with all the tiny bricks?

One online business is willing to pay big bucks for your pre-loved LEGO bricks, with the little bricks worth hundreds of dollars depending on your haul.

Adelaide mother Heather Pronk says she was left with 27 kilograms of unused LEGO when her children grew out of the toys.


Adelaide mother Heather Pronk made $800 off her collection. 

Credit: 7NEWS

During a COVID cleanout she found a way to cash in – using the online business BrickResales.

The website purchases unwanted toys from families across the country.

Pronk made a tidy $800 from her collection, but Brick Resales operator Judy Friedman says any amount could earn you cash.


BrickResales offers hundreds of dollars for your unwanted toys. Credit: Brick Resales

Regular bricks will earn you about $20 per kilogram while a rare set can be worth even more.

“There’s mini figures that are worth hundreds and they get snapped up straight away,” she said.

“There’s definitely more bang for your buck with pre-loved LEGO… it’s about reusing it and not having to rush to the shop every time to buy a brand-new shiny set.”

Source: 7 News – LEGO resale company Brick Resales offering hundreds for unwanted toys



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