July 10

Tamworth LEGO show, sale attracts opening-day lineup of about 100

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The Northern Daily Leader
JULY 10, 2018


THERE was some serious needle-in-haystack hunting going on today at a LEGO sales and show event, which continues tomorrow.

A smorgasbord of Lego parts and sculptures was laid out in a school hall – 600kg worth of it, in fact.

Almost 100 people reportedly lined up at the door for opening time on day 1.

Some were looking for a few bits that had gone missing over the years from their favourite sets; other diehard builders were starting from scratch – with 2000-plus pieces to find.

The Brick Resales event is being held at Carinya Christian School, which will receive some of the proceeds towards its overseas service program.

Organiser Judy Friedman, the owner of Brisbane-based business, said Lego had become a “lifestyle” for her and her family.

Wearing a Lego custom T-shirt and mismatched Lego earrings, she said she loved “the creativity and the people it brings together”.

Among them were the Oldknow family of Tamworth – mum and dad Monika and Luke, with kids Jett, 9, Willow, 7, and baby Elliot.

Mr Oldknow said they were looking to build a Mixel set – with a mere 69 pieces – but he’d spoken to someone on a 2000-piece mission.

Source: Northern Daily Leader – Tamworth LEGO show, sale attracts opening-day lineup of about 100


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