December 28

30 ways to bust school holiday boredom with LEGO parts

LEGO In Schools


As the summer holidays wear on, many parents are looking for ways to entertain their kids over the next few weeks before school heads back. So, we’ve gathered a series of kid-friendly LEGO builds that you can tick off before returning to school! You can thank us later.

  1. First, organise your LEGO bricks! If you’re looking for inspiration, read our tips for storing your LEGO collection.
  2. Make a LEGO dinosaur, click here to find out how.
  3. Build a LEGO safe, complete with a secret button – head here for the instructions.
  4. Create something using only 2×2 bricks! We’d love to see the finished product, so share photos in the comments below.
  5. Build a LEGO snake using these instructions.
  6. Learn to build a LEGO house with LEGO Access.
  7. Make Minecraft Steve’s head live with the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Melbourne.
  8. Create a simple LEGO car using these instructions.
  9. Make a travel case for transporting all of your LEGO parts, right here.
  10. Create something using only black and white LEGO parts. Show us what you make in the comments below!
  11. Embark on a LEGO scavenger hunt, just like Frugal Fun 4 Boys did.
  12. Build mini Star Wars spaceships with help from Projeto Dmais.
  13. Build a LEGO robot with Brick How.
  14. Create a helicopter with this live build by LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Melbourne.
  15. Make a LEGO soda machine, like Brikle did.
  16. Set up your own ‘Busy Box’ like Mama. Papa. Bubba did.
  17. Build a LEGO chess set – you can use minifigures or random parts for the pieces if you don’t have all of the elements. Click here for the instructions.
  18. Make a stop-motion LEGO movie. Be sure to send us the finished product!
  19. Create your own LEGO jewellery taking inspiration from these ideas.
  20. Organise your LEGO instructions with these tips.
  21. Build a LEGO palm tree for your island paradise, right here.
  22. Make some LEGO emojis, with these tutorials by Crazy LEGO Santa.
  23. Do a LEGO brick ‘fire walk’ to find out who is the toughest member of your family.
  24. Try all nine ways to build a LEGO unicorn, with help from Doodlecraft.
  25. Build your very own fire truck with this video by Brick How.
  26. Create some Aussie builds to celebrate Australia Day! We’ve shared a few ideas right here.
  27. Build the tallest tower out of LEGO parts that you can! Be sure to send us photos.
  28. This elephant makes an adorable addition to your jungle or zoo build – find out how to make it here.
  29. Master the art of building LEGO vehicles with these tips from BrickResales’ own, Greg.
  30. Have you got to the end of our summer LEGO boredom busters and realised you just have too much to work with, or would like to turnover your supply? You can sell your unwanted LEGO parts with BrickResales – click here to find out more.


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