March 25

Egg-cellent LEGO builds for Easter

LEGO In Schools


The Easter school holidays certainly don’t drag on (and on, and on) like the Christmas holidays do, but they are more likely to see a lot of rain, thus keeping the kids cooped up inside. But whether it rains or not, you’ll want to have some indoor activities on hand – these LEGO builds are the perfect solution.

LEGO Easter bunny

It isn’t Easter without an Easter bunny, and this bunny build is one of the cutest we’ve seen. It uses a number of interesting techniques to create detail on the eggs and the bunny’s face and works perfectly as an Easter decoration or table setting to get you into the festive spirit.

Build it here

Have you heard about our Easter Bunny kits?! They’re the perfect way to spend the Easter long weekend! Stop by the showroom to pick up all the parts you need to build a sweet Easter Bunny (and an egg!). You can take it home with you or build it in store ?  We can’t get enough!⁠

P.S. Parents, they’re also a great Easter present – maybe have a word to your local Easter Bunny to see if they can stop by the BrickResales showroom? Tell them we’re at 836 Boundary Road, Coopers Plains.⁠ Available until Friday April 9. Stock is limited.

LEGO hot cross bun

They rival Easter eggs for the title of ‘Most Delicious Easter Treat,’ and this LEGO hot cross bun by Brick Blue Wren looks good enough to eat! While we couldn’t track down any instructions, we’re going to have a go at building it using the photo as a reference.

See it here

LEGO Easter eggs

There are so many ways to build a easter egg using LEGO bricks – you could go 3D, build a mosaic, make them large or small… it’s totally up to you! We definitely recommend giving these ones by BRICK 101 on YouTube a go, though. They’re relatively quick and easy to make, and you can customise the colours to create a beautiful bounty of Easter eggs.

Build them here

LEGO Easter basket

With all those Easter eggs, you’re going to need a basket to carry them in. We like how straightforward this build is, while still being big enough to carry actual Easter eggs inside it. Perfect for backyard egg hunts or for placing on the end of your children’s beds, ready for Easter morning.

Build it here

LEGO chick

They’re a symbol for new life and one of the iconic motifs for Easter, so we could hardly leave a baby chicken build off this list. We love this one in particular for its simplicity – the kids should have no trouble at all following the instructions to make one of their very own!

Build it here


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