January 16

How (and why) to start a lunchtime LEGO club

LEGO In Schools


Over the past few months, the BrickResales team has been lucky enough to supply local schools with kilos upon kilos of pre-loved LEGO. Doing these special orders has made us realise something: LEGO play really is magical.

The feedback we’ve had from schools who have started lunchtime LEGO clubs has been seriously special. The top five benefits we’ve heard are:

  1. LEGO play’s power to help children bond: lunchtime clubs have given children the opportunity to build friendships they wouldn’t have otherwise built, and break down walls for children who are shy or have impairments.
  2. LEGO play’s power to encourage teamwork: communication and teamwork are put to the test with each new build, allowing children to work at these important skills in a fun setting.
  3. LEGO play’s power to enhance learning: from lessons in design to behaviour management, there is a lot to be learned from the world’s most popular plastic bricks.
  4. LEGO play’s power to teach problem solving: each new build must be approached with creativity and persistence, and requires a skill set beyond simply following instructions.
  5. LEGO play’s power to spark ideas: let children loose on a pile of LEGO bricks and watch the ideas start flooding in.

If your child’s school doesn’t have a lunchtime LEGO club just yet, chat to the principal or learning director about why you think it should. If they need convincing, we have a network of chaplains, teachers and principals who can all attest to the power of LEGO play in education.

Then, get in touch with us here at BrickResales to find out how we can help you access bulk LEGO pieces cheaply, quickly and sustainably. 



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