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How schools are using their BrickResales Bulk LEGO Packs

LEGO In Schools


Did you know that BrickResales supplies bulk LEGO packs to schools all over Australia? If you’re not sure how your school could benefit from adding LEGO play to the curriculum, check out how these schools have put their BrickResales LEGO parts to use…

“Our Lady of the Rosary School, Kenmore, hosted ‘Brick-fest 2022’ this term. We held a breakfast and a LEGO tower building activity. The children made headbands to wear and there were building spaces around the school hall. One of the parents, Mr Simon Smith, is an architect. As the guest speaker, he presented a talk about his work designing towers in Dubai and Australia. Mr Smith built a mini LEGO model of Dubai’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, and donated this as a raffle prize for one lucky student. We managed to get a photo of one of the tallest LEGO towers built on the day, though it was a challenge. We had several taller towers too, but they could not stand unsupported. The children, staff and parents all had an awesome morning of LEGO building, community spirit and fun!”
Michaela, Our Lady of the Rosary School

Our Lady of the Rosary School Brick-fest 2022 Our Lady of the Rosary School LEGO tower building activity Our Lady of the Rosary School students

“We have a Year 7 STEAM class that builds solar-powered cars from LEGO and a Year 9 STEAM class that builds an autonomous robot using LEGO. The programs are working pretty well. Students of different abilities are thinking about engineering ideas from the Science and Design Tech curriculum. They can rebuild their project easily if it breaks or doesn’t work how they want it to work. Other building materials are used up after you cut or glue them, but LEGO can be built and rebuilt, which is a massive advantage for testing ideas and making prototypes. The LEGO parts we got from BrickResales are used in class as part of the curriculum, along with a big supply of LEGO Mindstorms that was here when I started – a previous teacher had massively invested and left it in a cupboard for years and years. The educators explain the principles and the students try to implement them using LEGO. For example, we might talk about the way that turning force is transferred to the wheels of a drivetrain, and how gears work, then ask the students to build a drivetrain.”

Michael, Heathmont College

“We have purchased LEGO from BrickResales to supplement our LEGO supply, which is used for our Lunch Time LEGO Club. Students can start from scratch or use the challenge cards provided to create some amazing designs. There is always a buzz of excitement when LEGO Club is about to start! It also used to support our STEM Club program, with students currently using LEGO and our green screen to explore the magic in the movies.”
Caroline, Saint David’s Parish School

Lunch Time LEGO Club Car Lunch Time LEGO Club Train Lunch Time LEGO Club Build

“We use our BrickResales bulk LEGO pack to design and make challenges – maths and STEM are particularly well-suited. We can get children designing and making their own creations, exploring the creative senses whilst also learning the physics of stability. We’ve seen huge growth in mindset.”
Tania, Coopernook Public School

“We use our LEGO to run positive education workshops with our students and staff. We have run workshops focusing on ‘best self’ and character strengths. The LEGO helps open conversations and allows students to explore themselves in a collaborative way. We have done workshops with LEGO Serious Play facilitators and use our LEGO to extend those workshops. We also have a focus on story telling pedagogy so LEGO is a great creative medium for that. Students participate in an interactive way and practice their storytelling and narrative techniques. It is a point of difference and something unique.”
Emily, InsideOut at Perth College

InsideOut at Perth College LEGO education workshop InsideOut BrickResales Bulk LEGO Perth College LEGO education workshop by InsideOut

LEGO is such a stimulating ‘toy’ for children. I’ve been using our LEGO for LEGO Clubs for children in Years 1-6 and I’ve loved seeing how students interact with each other as they’re building – they problem-solve together and their creativity is incredible. They absolutely love their sessions in the library, building away. I’ve found that a lot of children who aren’t keen to be on the playground, for whatever reason, are finding a real ‘sanctuary’ space in the library, free to play quietly and creatively. It’s also great to see the older children interacting with younger students in a peer mentoring role. My advice to other schools is to definitely make sure that the LEGO is safely and securely stored. I bought a number of large-ish plastic containers with lids and divided the LEGO into those to keep it neat and to make sure kids could easily grab-and-go with their bricks, and I’ve organised LEGO groups in stages so that the kids can come with their friends. I’d say 30 minutes minimum is a must, too. We haven’t had a lot of feedback from parents yet, but the kids are over-the-moon with having so much LEGO available to them. Other schools would see huge benefits from developing a LEGO program.”
Ingrid, Lithgow Public School

“I purchased LEGO through BrickResales and have set up a LEGO club which I run at lunch times at our school.  Each week I give the students a challenge and they have 15 minutes to create something – it’s kind of like the TV show ‘LEGO Masters’ and the kids love it! We are having heaps of fun.”
Karen, East Victoria Park Primary School

 East Victoria Park Primary School LEGO Club Tyler East Victoria Park Primary School LEGO Club CraneEast Victoria Park Primary School LEGO Club Vehicle

“We had started using our LEGO in a weekly LEGO club with approximately 25 students attending each week, and while we have had to place a hold on running the club for now, staff have been using the LEGO during their teaching time for different activities. Once we can start getting back to normal, we will be looking at starting our LEGO club back up and continuing to have it on a weekly basis. It provides a great opportunity for kids to spend their lunch break inside building, creating anything they can imagine.”
Joshua, Carina State School

“We are excited to use our BrickResales LEGO Schools Pack to have a LEGO Masters competition at lunch times.”
Rachel, Our Lady of Good Counsel School

“We have used our LEGO pack to complement our existing STEM program – students have used the LEGO to build a maze background for their Scratch Jr maze coding activity. I think the students relate well to LEGO as it’s a fun activity. They get excited even just seeing it out of the storage room and they eagerly engage with the activity. I would encourage other schools to look at BrickResales as an affordable way to purchase LEGO within the school. I think often it is the expense of purchasing LEGO that is a blocker for some schools.”
Tara, Lucknow Primary Education

Lucknow Primary Education LEGO maze background for Scratch Jr Lucknow Primary Education Scratch Jr maze coding activity Lucknow Primary Education LEGO maze



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