November 28

LEGO bricks worth their weight in educational gold

LEGO In Schools


LEGO sets take pride of place in most Queensland kids’ toy collections and now it’s taking pride of place in their classrooms as well.

BrickResales founder Judy Friedman says her business has seen a recent spike in Brisbane schools chasing LEGO parts for classroom lessons and for a new emerging trend: lunchtime social LEGO Clubs.

“LEGO has a way of bonding kids through play,” Ms Friedman says. “While the fine motor skills and STEM-type educational benefits of building with LEGO bricks are known, there are many social and emotional aspects that educators are seeing as benefitting kids of all ages.”

Among these, building with LEGO parts has a way of being an ice-breaker among shy kids who build together and it can teach teamwork, communication skills and persistence while encouraging problem solving and creativity. Playing with LEGO bricks has been shown to develop children’s conflict resolution skills and procedural processes while also used successfully in behaviour management.

St Kieran’s Primary School Brighton principal Ben Gray says his school has thoroughly embraced the world’s most popular plastic bricks, using them in the classroom to teach lessons in construction, design and how to execute ideas as well as in the school’s social/emotional program. Around 40 students also attend the school’s extra-curricular lunchtime LEGO club every day.

“You tip out a basket of LEGO bricks and just watch it break down walls,” Mr Gray says. “From the moment the kids put their hands on it, the ideas start flooding in. I love seeing our bigger kids helping the little ones with their LEGO builds, too.”

Mr Gray says BrickResales’ preloved LEGO bricks and components allowed schools to access bulk LEGO pieces cheaply, while also appealing to his school’s desire to teach sustainable practises.

“BrickResales’ whole ethos sits close to us,” Mr Gray says. “As a school we are looking at more sustainable processes for now and into the future which is why we love the idea of utilising preloved LEGO bricks. It’s a win-win.”

The LEGO Group was launched back in 1949 in Denmark and is nowadays sold in 130 countries. At last official count, in 2015, 600 billion LEGO parts had been produced over that time making it one of the world’s leading toy brands.

Based in Brisbane, BrickResales offers quality preloved LEGO pieces via regular community events and online. BrickResales is a proud supporter of charity including RizeUp Australia, Scout groups, 120 Homestead and various school chaplaincy programs and has donated in excess of $50,000 to date.



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