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7 LEGO Builds Star Wars Edition You Need To Try Right Now



Whether you’re a fan of LEGO, Star Wars or both, these LEGO builds from the Star Wars series – ranging in price and difficulty – offer something for everyone. Simply download the instructions, find your parts (either online or at our showroom!) and have fun doing your own Star Wars LEGO MOC from these inspirations or recreating some of the most iconic ships, characters and scenes from the series.

Here are some LEGO builds from all corners of the Star Wars universe:

So grab your blocks and discover your next LEGO build inspired by the famous Star Wars films – make sure to store those extra pieces away so they don’t get lost in the battle!

Star Wars Build #1: Mos Eisley Spaceport

This collection of MOCs by IScreamClone on Rebrickable presents quite the challenge, even for experienced LEGO builders. While the instructions will set you back around $23USD, the result, for some, is totally worth it. It’s perfect for adding detail to your Tatooine build!

Click here for the instructions

Star Wars Build #2: Micro Blockade Runners

Ron McPhatty shares loads of his MOCs on Rebrickable, but we particularly love this one for the Tantive IV and Liberator ships. Did you know that the Corellian CR90 Blockade Runner was the first ever ship to appear in Star Wars? It’s an icon, and with these instructions, you can build one of your very own.

Click here for the instructions

LEGO Builds Star Wars Luke Skywalker Bust

Star Wars Build #3: Luke Skywalker Bust

Star Wars LEGO isn’t all about spaceships and landscapes – there are also plenty of amazing busts you can create yourself, like this Luke Skywalker one! The instructions come from Build Better Bricks, and while you will have to pay for them (they’re just $6.45), the impressive end result is totally worth it!

Click here for the instructions

Star Wars Build #4: Basic Astromech Unit

It’s no secret that we love rainbow builds here at BrickResales, especially Star Wars ones (that’s why our rainbow R2-D2 is our mascot, and we wrote this blog post all about rainbow builds!).

So, we love this Astromech Unit that was shared on!

Click here for the instructions

Star Wars Build #5: Mini Characters

Arguably the most beloved part of the Star Wars franchise is the characters, and this blog post by Frugal Fun 4 Boys shows you how to make all of your favourites with ease! Follow the instructions to build Princess Leia, Chewbacca, C3PO and more.

Click here for the instructions

Star Wars Build #6: Imperial Attack Base Diorama

This diorama of the Kenner Imperial Attack Base delivers plenty of nostalgia for lifelong fans of Star Wars. Creator Eric Druon (AKA Baronsat) sells the instructions for this build on his website, so why not dig through the tubs at the BrickResales showroom to see if you can find all the pieces to recreate it yourself?

Click here for the instructions | Click here to buy Star Wars minifigures

Star Wars Build #7: BB-8

This YouTube video by Daniel Stoeffler shows you how to create your own mid-size version of the lovable droid BB-8. It calls for 257 pieces, mostly whites and oranges, and makes the perfect addition to your collection of Star Wars character builds. It’s the perfect weekend activity!

Looking for ideas on how to improve your star wars build? Learn from the experts here!

Find more ideas on LEGO builds Star Wars edition – check out the Pinterest board dedicated to this blog!

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