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Can you speak LEGO? A guide to LEGO terms




AFOL                                Adult-Fan-of-LEGO 

AFFOL                              Adult-Female-Fan-of-LEGO


Bricks                               They come in many different sizes and colours.

Bignette                          A large LEGO creation

Baseplate                        These are thin plates, usually quite large, and you can build things on top of them (they don’t have bottom connections).

Billund                             Billund, Denmark. Headquarters and primary design centre for The LEGO Group.

Blay/Bley                         Bluish Grey 

Brick-Built                       A LEGO creation that is composed of basic LEGO elements, instead of more specialized elements. (For example brick built figures, animals, or objects.)

BURP                               Big-Ugly-Rock-Piece. 

Builder                             A LEGO fan whose primary interest is building MOCs


Cheese Slope                   A LEGO part with a 33° slope, 1×1 stud wide and 2 plates high. It is named after the fact that yellow pieces look like a wedge of cheese.

Clone                               Construction toys similar and often compatible with LEGO, but cheaper in quality and price, designed to compete with the LEGO brand. They are often greatly despised by LEGO-fans.

Customiser                      A LEGO fan who is not afraid to modify LEGO parts. Customising may include painting, cutting, drilling, melting LEGO elements, adding other non-LEGO parts to a creation, or adding details with custom-made stickers and decals. These are all considered heresy by a “purist”.


Decorated Parts              When bricks, plates, tiles or other parts have printed designs on them they are usually referred to as “printed” or “decorated” parts.

Dark Ages                        The period in a LEGO-fan’s life when he/she sets aside LEGO in favour of other, non-LEGO pursuits.

Diorama or Dio               A very large LEGO scene, larger than a Bignette or Vignette.

DSS                                  Dreaded-Sticker-Sheet.


Element                           A universal name for a LEGO piece.


FAFOL                              Female-Adult-Fan-of-LEGO. 

FFOL                                Female-Fan-Of-LEGO.  Another acronym for female fans.


Greebling                        Technical detail added to a LEGO creation to enhance its appearance, frequently seen in LEGO space and mech creations.


Half-Stud Offset              A building technique that allows building without regard to the standard alignment of studs on a plate, usually achieved with a jumper plate.

Headlight Brick               A 1×1 stud brick with an inset stud on one side.


Illegal                               LEGO building techniques that break the rules for connections between LEGO elements used by official LEGO set designers – particularly connections that stress the LEGO elements.

Inventory                        The list of LEGO elements included in an official LEGO set.


Jumper Plate                   A 1×2-stud LEGO plate with only 1 stud in the centre.


         Knolling                           The process of arranging a series of elements next to each other in an

aesthetically pleasing manner, without the pieces being connected. The parts are often arranged in rows by colour, size, shape, or all three.

KFOL:                               Kid-Fan-of-LEGO. 


Legal                                LEGO building techniques that follow building guidelines for official LEGO set designers.

LUG                                  LEGO-Users-Group. Local or regional LEGO clubs that meet and interact primarily in an offline or real world context, although many of them now have online presence as well.

LURP                                Little-Ugly-Rock-Piece. 

LEGO Community            The worldwide network of LEGO fans and builders, composed of

websites, forums, LUGs, clubs and more.


MF                                   Minifig.

Minidoll                           The thin, curved figures featured in LEGO Disney Princess, Elves, and Friends themes.

Microfig                           Small figures (half the size of regular minifigs) from the LEGO Games series.

Midi Scale                       Refers to sets that are between miniature and minifig scale. They do not include minifigures, but are much more detailed than mini sets. So far only Star Wars sets have midi versions.

Minifig Scale                   A LEGO creation built for the scale of standard LEGO minifigures.

MOC                                My-Own-Creation.  A LEGO creation designed and built by a LEGO-fan without instructions.


NLP                                  Non-LEGO-Person or Non-LEGO-Parent.  Referring to those unfortunate outsiders who don’t play with LEGO.

NPU                                 Nice Part Usage. An unexpected way to use a LEGO element in a model.


Plates                              Thinner than bricks (but not as thin as baseplates). 3x plates stacked together = 1 brick.

PAB                                  Pick-A-Brick.  Buy individual parts from BrickResales.

PAB Wall                         Pick-A-Brick wall at LEGO stores.

Purist                               A LEGO-fan who only uses official LEGO elements. Or a LEGO creation that only contains official LEGO elements with no modifications or custom parts. Contrast with Custom.


SHEFOL                            She-(Female)-Fan-of-LEGO. 

Studs                               These are the little bumps on top of LEGO elements.

Sigfig                                The minifig version of a LEGO-fan that he/she uses in online communities as an avatar, or signature minifig.

SNOT                               Studs-Not-On-Top.  A building technique that places LEGO elements on their sides or even upside down to achieve the shape or structure the builder wants in their creation.

STAMP                             Stickers-Across-Multiple-Pieces. 

Studless                           A building style in which visible studs are minimized or, ideally, eliminated.

Swooshable                     A quality that allows a LEGO creation to be picked up and flown around a room as the builder makes flying and/or shooting noises.


Tiles                                 These are thin, like plates, but they have no studs on top.

TFOL                                Teen-Fan-of-LEGO.

TLC                                   The LEGO Company.

TLG                                  The LEGO Group.


UCS                                  Ultimate Collector’s Series. A series of large LEGO Star Wars sets designed for older teens and adults. They are larger than minifig scale.

UFO                                 Unfinished Objects.


Vignette or Vig                A small scene recreated on a small plate.

WIP                                  Work-In-Progress.


YFOL                                Young-Fan-of LEGO.


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