April 22

Celebrate Earth Day with these LEGO builds



Today, April 22, is Earth Day – a day that, since 1970, has been dedicated to supporting and taking action towards environmental protection. To help you celebrate Earth Day, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite nature-inspired LEGO builds!

Sustainability is important to us here at BrickResales. By reselling pre-loved LEGO, we aim to create a circular economy, reduce plastic waste and give each piece of LEGO a longer life span.

Below, we haven’t just listed nature-inspired builds for you to try – we’ve also included links to the LEGO you’ll need to create them from our collection of pre-loved parts.

Desert Village MOC

Escape to one of planet earth’s most intriguing natural landscapes with this desert village MOC by Gabizon. For just $7.90, you’ll score instructions for 12 different MOCs that include everything you could ever want in a desert city – think a water well, oasis, houses, temple, towers, sheep, market and more.

Build it here

Modular ocean MOC

Another build by Gabizon, this underwater oasis comprises five different ocean MOCs to try! Lovers of the sea and scuba diving will enjoy building this large modular model, which consists of a coral reef, drowning ship, whale skeleton and underwater lab.

Build it here | Buy LEGO animals

Winter landscape MOC

This snowy landscape is the perfect build to get you excited for winter – even if most of us Australians probably won’t see weather like this at home! It features a little mountain and cave, a partly frozen lake, a cosy cabin and a fallen tree leading up to a camp fire.

Build it here

Corner of nature MOC

How tranquil is this cute ‘corner of nature’ build by LegoMonkey? Complete with a blue lake, rocky hill, mossy water’s edge and lots of foliage – tall pine trees included – it reminds us of a scene you might find in a Canadian national park. Follow the speed build, or use this idea to make a larger MOC!

Build it here

Jungle MOC

Last but not least, this list of nature-inspired builds wouldn’t be complete without including a jungle MOC, would it?! This one is super straightforward, perfect for beginners looking to try an easy build or more experienced builders who need a bit of inspiration!

Build it here

Feeling inspired to create more nature-inspired builds? You need to read these tips from LEGO Masters Season Two contestant Damian Hinds! He shares his expert insight when it comes to building foliage, and there’s a lot to learn. Read it here.


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