March 18

Celebrities who love LEGO toys



Celebrities: they’re just like us – doing their own laundry, dropping the kids off at school and even building LEGO sets in their downtime. Here are our favourite LEGO-loving celebs.

Terry Crews

Like we needed another reason to love Terry Crews. The burly, loveable cop on ‘Brooklyn 99’ – who first found fame on ‘Everybody Hates Chris,’ and later played an unforgettable role in the comedy ‘White Chicks’ – shared his passion for LEGO with a snap of his proudest accomplishment: a TIE/Ln Starfighter! He said in an Instagram post, “I had a blast creating this! LEGO teaches me a lot about life. I’ve learned that we human beings are like legos— just because you are in pieces, does that mean you are broken? NO. You sometimes just have to disassemble and put all the parts back right again— and that takes time, perseverance, and a ton of patience. But if you never quit, you will achieve your goal. Remember— YOU ARE NOT BROKEN, YOU ARE JUST NOT FINISHED. KEEP BUILDING!” Hear, hear!

David Beckham
To the world, he’s a football (soccer) legend. To wife Victoria Beckham, he’s just another LEGO nerd. Posh shared video evidence of David Beckham’s almost-all-nighter, when he stayed up until 3am trying to finish a LEGO Harry Potter castle. While Victoria said the castle was “Ruining her life!” David looked totally unfazed – proud, even – as he worked to finish the 6000-piece build. While it looks as though Becks has been building with daughter Harper, we’re not sure she would have been allowed to stay up past midnight (two nights in a row!) building with him.

Britney Spears
When she’s not dazzling Las Vegas crowds or penning her next smash hit, Britney Spears is said to enjoy some light LEGO building. The Queen of Pop actually credits her kids for getting her into LEGO (don’t we all). Over eight years ago, she shared on Instagram, “Oh & look at my new hobby my children have given me – my new past time pleasure is building legos [sic]”. We wonder if she’s still a keen LEGO builder?

Matthew Perry
‘Friends’ funny-man Matthew Perry isn’t shy about his love of LEGO. In fact, he couldn’t wait to build the ‘Friends’ LEGO set – including the LEGO version of his character, Chandler – as soon as it came out. He also built a surprising addition to the beloved ‘Friends’ cast… in August of last year, Matthew tweeted, “I build the Friends lego [sic] set. I made myself Batman. But that’s neither here nor there. I’m Batman.”

Chris Pratt
Whether you know (and love) him as the voice of Emmett in ‘The LEGO Movie’ or his on-screen roles in ‘Parks and Recreation,’ ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ or ‘Jurassic World,’ Chris Pratt is a man of many talents. Thanks to a series of posts on his personal Instagram (@prattprattpratt for the uninitiated), we now know his talents extend to LEGO play, too. Chris Pratt is just as gifted at directing, voicing and filming minifigs in real life as he is at voicing a LEGO character on screen. We guess it’s only fitting that a man with three minifigures made in his likeness be obsessed with LEGO himself.

Hamish Blake
We couldn’t talk celebrity LEGO lovers without mentioning this homegrown hero, who also happens to be the host of ‘LEGO Masters Australia’. And while you may think LEGO is a new addition to Hamish Blake’s life, he’s actually been a fan for a while. A few years ago, he shared a “happy” snap with his son, Sonny, on a visit to The LEGO Store, and more recently revealed that his wife, Zoe, had gifted him a custom LEGO mosaic portrait on his 30th birthday. Hamish wrote, “I’ve been thinking about that day a bit lately… mostly because I DID turn out to host a TV show about LEGO! … The kind of show where 9 year old Hamish would flip if he knew he got to grow up and host it.”

And while they may not have always been LEGO fans, there are two honourable mentions who have picked up the hobby during social distancing…

Anna Kendrick
The ‘Pitch Perfect’ star admitted that she has fallen in love with “LEGOs” during quarantine, and she hasn’t started small – she completed the Millenium Falcon as her first build! Anna said that while she’s sure she’ll take it apart and gift the pieces to someone who she considers to be in LEGO’s target demographic, she’s tempted to build a shelf to showcase her builds. Since she’s only new to the wide world of LEGO, we won’t hold it against her too much – but Anna, if you’re reading this: no, LEGO isn’t just for kids! Welcome to the AFOL club. Watch her interview here.

Daniel Radcliffe
You know him from Harry Potter, but Daniel Radcliffe has chosen another LEGO theme to keep him busy during self-isolation – he’s built a 3200-piece Jurassic Park set with his girlfriend. In a virtual interview with Stephen Colbert, Daniel said it was an awesome, weirdly-meditative way to pass three of the fourteen days he was made to quarantine in the USA after arriving from London. The conversation piqued the interest of Colbert’s son, a keen LEGO builder, and even led Daniel to show off the build – a massive gate and T-Rex – on the show. Watch here (skip to 7:57).



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