December 21

Festive ideas with LEGO parts



Last Christmas, we showed you how to make Christmas tree decorations out of LEGO parts – this year, we’ve curated the very best ways to decorate the rest of your house!

LEGO 2-in-1 Christmas Wreath

A must-have in any LEGO-loving home, this 2-in-1 Christmas wreath can be hung on a door or window, or laid flat and adorned with LEGO candles for a festive centrepiece. While the original set is temporarily out of stock, you can, as always, download the instructions from and collect the parts to recreate the set yourself.

Build it here

LEGO Winter Village

Have you been inspired by the huge winter village build in our showroom, and want to create your own?! It’s your lucky day! Watch this speedbuild MOC Winter Village tutorial on YouTube for the ultimate inspiration. It integrates the Santa’s Workshop set (10245) and some pretty cool techniques, too.

Build it here

LEGO Nativity Scene

A nativity scene is a quintessential Christmas decoration, but did you know that you can easily make your own out of LEGO parts? This build, created by Frugal Fun 4 Boys, features all of the elements you would expect from a nativity scene – Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus in the manger, a shepherd and his sheep – and all made entirely out of LEGO parts!

Build it here | Get your Minifigs here

LEGO Christmas present and stocking

If you’re looking for a simple video tutorial for the Christmas Gift and Stocking in the 4630 LEGO® Build & Play Box, look no further! We love this straight forward tutorial, which allows you to create this super fun and easy build in whatever colour you like. Perfect for the mantlepiece, windowsill or as a small gift for your LEGO lover in your life.

Build it here

LEGO Gingerbread House

One of the most beloved LEGO Creator sets, this gingerbread house is a hard to find and highly coveted set. Thankfully, with a bit of research and luck, you might just be able to track down most of the pieces you’ll need to recreate it – and it will certainly be worth it! This gingerbread house is the perfect addition to any winter village or festive scene.

Build it here

LEGO Santa’s Sleigh

This beautiful sleigh is the perfect table centrepiece for anyone who loves Christmas just as much as they love LEGO! The detail on this MOC by JHWALSHE is unparalleled – it’s got beautiful gold embellishments, a festive throne for Santa to sit on and even a second sleigh attached to the back (for presents, obviously). Add to that white winged horses and it’s simply beautiful.

Build it here

LEGO Snowman

Create your very own Frosty the Snowman with this simple build, as dreamt up by Tiago Catarino. The perfect kid-friendly Christmas activity, this build doesn’t call for many parts and shouldn’t take too long to build. Once you’ve finished your snowman, you can proudly display him (or her!) on your mantlepiece, windowsill or dining table, or make a whole army of them to take over your house!

Build it here

LEGO Christmas Tree 

There are countless Christmas tree MOCs floating around on there, but this one might just be our favourite. The texture of the leaves created with green cheese slopes, the placement of the transparent ‘ornaments’ and the star to top it all off – chef’s kiss.

Build it here

LEGO Reindeer

It just isn’t Christmas without a visit from Santa’s reindeer, so why not create your own by following the instructions for this LEGO Creator build? Once complete, you can add it to your winter village, attach a string to hang it on your Christmas tree, or use him in your next Elf on the Shelf stunt. The best part? You can change out the nose of this classic reindeer and add a translucent red stud instead to build Rudolph!

Build it here

LEGO Christmas ornaments

It wouldn’t be right to share Christmas builds without giving you some that you can put on your tree, would it?! Luckily, we haven’t just got one for you. Get busy in the lead up to Christmas making a bunch of ornaments to hang proudly on your tree – here are our five favourite tutorials for making Christmas ornaments out of LEGO pieces.

Build our favourite LEGO Christmas ornaments here


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