August 31

From small plastic bricks to big teen dreams



People sell us their LEGO collections for all sorts of reasons.

They might be in need of some fast cash, they might need to reclaim the space once dedicated to their LEGO storage, or they might be parents downsizing their empty nest.

One of the most memorable reasons we’ve heard for why someone needed to offload their LEGO stash was to turn those bricks into a car. True. From small pieces of plastic to life-sized wheels, everyone has a valid reason for selling.

Joseph, 17, had recently achieved every teenage boy’s dream and scored his driver’s licence. His parents, however, were loathe to buy him the car he wanted so badly because it was outside their budget. Being short on funds and wondering how they could help Joseph achieve his teenage dream ride, the family looked at his huge childhood LEGO stash and asked their son, “Are you ever going to play with your LEGO sets again?”.

“Not if I get a car, that’s for sure,” he smiled.

Once the decision was made to sell the collection, the family knew they didn’t want strange people coming to their house to look over it, and they didn’t want to be inundated with messages and offers from tyre-kickers on social media. When they lucked upon BrickResales and heard that our business would pay cash for their LEGO parts, by weight, AND there was no sorting required AND the BrickResales team would collect it, Joseph and his parents thought all their wishes had been answered.

Within 24 hours of their phone call, Joseph had the cash he needed, his parents had reclaimed some space in the family home and there was a very cool car in their driveway in no time!

From small plastic bricks to life-sized wheels, there’s a story behind all the quality preloved parts on the BrickResales website and in the dozens and dozens of tubs at our events. Do you have LEGO pieces that you could turn into fast cash? What’s your LEGO collection story?


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