September 26

Heisenberg build by Lexi: Free LEGO instructions!



If you missed our recent blog post where Lexi (@marvellous_minifigure_mayhem) talked through her journey creating lifelike LEGO characters, you may not have seen this amazing Heisenberg build Lexi created. Isn’t it cool?! She even shared the LEGO build instructions with us!
“It was the first time I experimented with making the face from a plate base and I liked the way it came together – it had a more polished quality to it,” says Lexi. “I started building and because I hadn’t added any detail above the eyes, it was essentially bald. The figure started to resemble Heisenberg from Breaking Bad.
I changed the beard from white to brown and created a yellow jumpsuit to finish the look.” Talk about a happy accident! In addition to sharing her story and her expert tips, Lexi has also been kind enough to put together the instructions for this Heisenberg build…
Heisenberg LEGO build instructions.Sitting Heisenberg LEGO built figure.Heisenberg, LEGO character, headshot.

Free Heisenberg LEGO build instructions…

Click here to download the instructions (PDF file)

Click here to download the parts list (CSV file)

Click here to download the parts list (XML file)


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