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How to build LEGO habitats



If there is one thing we love about LEGO (there’s way more than one, but you know what we mean) it’s that each and every piece can inspire countless new ways to build. LEGO habitats are the perfect example. Discover this fun style of building from one of the experts, Nick Wood.

Nick came out of his Dark Age (that time after childhood when you no longer build with LEGO parts) about ten years ago, and he has never looked back. He particularly loves Minifigures and has collected a whopping 5000 of them over the years.

“My passion for Minifigs led to the discover of monochrome Minifigures, which are all one colour only,” says Nick (learn how to start your monochrome Minifigure collection right here). “These unique Minifigs sometimes need a home, which is also built in the same colour. This is what we call a LEGO habitat.”

Can you tell us more about what LEGO habitats are?

They are display boxes in a single colour, built to reflect a place or style that suits the monochrome figure – almost like they tell a story about your chosen Minifigure. They are always an 8x8x8 framework.

What are the ‘rules’ when building habitats?

How To Build LEGO Habitats

Each “box” needs to be able to click and connect to another habitat so that they can stack easily. To do this, the habitats all have a specific design that creates interlocking points of contact.

Where do you always start when you’re building a new habitat?

Start with the ‘fig! First you need to decide on a colour, of course, but then you simply build the habitat to suit the figure and highlight unique pieces.

What are your top three tips for someone who is keen to start building habitats?

  1. Find out what colour you have a lot of and then select a few unique parts.
  2. Build around your Minifigure so they can interact with the space they are set in.
  3. Let your imagination run free – just so long as you stick strictly to the one colour!

Which parts/pieces should builders start collecting if they are keen to create habitats?

Finding a Minifig in one colour only can be quite challenging, especially when it comes to the hands or head piece.

Where do you go for inspiration when it comes to habitats?

Online! Head to Google to get ideas and inspiration from others who have tried before you.

What is the best habitat you’ve ever built?

My rainbow series of seven habitats worked out best for me. These are on display at the BrickResales Showroom on a shelf with other habitats.

Click here to find out more about visiting our showroom!

Purple LEGO Habitat
Blue LEGO Habitat
Green LEGO Habitat


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