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How to make Christmas tree decorations with LEGO parts



We’ve talked you through the reasons you should put preloved LEGO brick parts underneath your tree this Christmas, but what about putting them onto your tree as LEGO Christmas decorations, too?!

As the holiday season approaches, adding a touch of creativity to your Christmas tree decorations can bring joy and a personalised flair to your festive celebrations. One unconventional yet delightful way to achieve this is by crafting decorations using LEGO parts.

Embrace the spirit of DIY and give your tree a playful twist with these simple steps.

Materials Needed for your LEGO Christmas decorations:

  • LEGO Bricks and Parts: Gather an assortment of LEGO bricks and pieces in various colours. You can use both classic bricks and even minifigs to add diversity to your DIY decorations. Check out our collection here.
  • String or Hooks: To hang your LEGO creations on the tree, you’ll need strings or hooks. Make sure they are sturdy enough to support the weight of the LEGO pieces.
  • Imagination: Let your creativity flow. Think beyond traditional ornaments and envision how LEGO elements can come together to form unique and festive designs.
    Steps to Create:

Select a Theme:

  1. Decide on a theme for your decorations. Whether it’s classic holiday symbols like snowflakes and bells or more whimsical characters, having a theme will guide your design process.
  2. Plan Your Designs: Before diving into the assembly, sketch out a few designs or mentally map out how you want your LEGO decorations to look. This will help you organise your LEGO pieces and ensure a cohesive look.
  3. Assemble Your LEGO Decorations: Start creating your Christmas decorations using LEGO bricks. Experiment with different combinations until you achieve the desired shapes and patterns. Remember, the beauty lies in the simplicity and charm of LEGO’s iconic design.
  4. Add Detailing: Enhance your decorations by adding detailing with smaller LEGO pieces. Consider using studs, tiles, or even minifigures to bring a touch of character to your ornaments.
  5. Attach Strings or Hooks: Once your LEGO decorations are complete, attach strings or hooks for hanging. Ensure that they are securely fastened to withstand the handling and placement on the Christmas tree.
  6. Hang with Care: Carefully place and distribute your DIY decors evenly on the Christmas tree for a balanced look. Be mindful of the weight distribution to prevent any accidental falls. A jolly festive scene adds to the overall charm of your festive decorative display.
  7. Customise and Expand: Feel free to customise your decorations further. Add lights or incorporate other festive elements to make your tree truly one-of-a-kind. Don’t hesitate to expand your collection of LEGO Christmas decors year after year. They make for a fantastic seasonal gift idea or a super stocking stuffer for LEGO fans.

Our fave tutorials for making Christmas ornaments out of LEGO pieces:

LEGO scene ornaments

These clear ornaments – filled with your own LEGO scenes – are equal parts festive and easy. They look even better en masse, so go ahead and spend an entire day crafting a bunch of them!

Make them here

LEGO candy cane

Nothing says Christmas like a candy cane! This ornament is pretty easy to make and can be made small or large depending on how many red and white bricks you have (which, if you make use of our current 50% off offer before it ends on Saturday, December 12, could be a lot!).

Make it here

LEGO Death Star

It wouldn’t be a BrickResales blog post without at least one Star Wars reference, would it?! This Deathstar ornament by Chris McVeigh is the perfect addition to your tree this year.

Make it here

Colourful LEGO baubles

The beauty of these ornaments is that they’re open to interpretation – you can decorate them in whichever colours or patterns you like! They also make for cute present toppers.

Make them here

LEGO gingerbread house

How cute is this teeny tiny gingerbread house? Pop it on your tree or put it on display on a table during the holiday season and wait for the compliments – it’s practically good enough to eat!

Make it here

Whether you’re an experienced LEGO enthusiast or just starting, creating LEGO Christmas decors is easy and enjoyable. Illustrated instructions can guide even absolute beginners through the process, making it a fun holiday activity that is sure to make people smile.

Making Christmas tree decorations with LEGO parts not only adds a unique touch to your holiday decor but also brings the joy of creativity to the festive season. So, gather your LEGO pieces, follow the easy-to-follow steps, and let the holiday fun begin!

Visit our LEGO Showroom in Brisbane for a more immersive holiday experience.


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