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How to participate in a LEGO circular economy



If you use a reusable coffee cup, shop for second-hand clothing and homewares or have a compost bin at home, you’re already participating in a circular economy. Did you know you can apply the same sustainable principle to your LEGO builds when you buy second hand lego brick pieces? Here’s how to participate in a LEGO circular economy.

Plastic Free July may be over, but at BrickResales, we believe sustainability is something that should be pursued all year round. That’s why we’re such big advocates of the circular economy – especially when it comes to LEGO.

second hand LEGO pieces

What is a circular economy?

According to the United Nations, a ‘circular economy is an economy where all forms of waste, be it clothes, scrap metal or electronics, are returned to the economy or used more efficiently.

Achieving a circular economy helps us reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill, use natural resources more wisely, develop new sectors and even create more jobs.

Needless to say, we’re big fans.

What is a LEGO circular economy?

The BrickResales business model is a prime example of a circular economy. We buy your unwanted LEGO brick pieces, run them through a stringent cleaning and sterilising process, sort them by removing any non-LEGO brick pieces then add them to our online store or showroom for you (our customers) to purchase. And you as buyers are already participating in this circular economy as you buy (or sell) your second hand LEGO brick pieces with us.

Second hand LEGO pieces soak in soapy water for cleaning.

We don’t bring in many new LEGO products at BrickResales – instead, we give new life to existing pieces. We also sell small batches of products from local and small businesses. This means you can buy more LEGO brick pieces while supporting other local and small businesses besides BrickResales, too!

Why participate in a circular economy?

There are so many benefits to participating in a circular economy. Of course, we are the biggest advocates for a LEGO circular economy (because that’s what we do) but you can enjoy these same benefits in many aspects of your day-to-day life.

  1. It’s more sustainable: The most well-known and obvious benefit to a LEGO circular economy. If you buy pre-loved LEGO brick pieces, it is a great way to reduce, reuse and recycle – you can even sell your unwanted parts back to us when you’re done!
  2. You can save money: Depending on the rarity of the part you’re looking for, it can be cheaper to source each part for your dream LEGO build than it might be to buy the whole set. Not to mention…
  3. It’s more satisfying: It is such an achievement to not only build a huge LEGO set but to source each piece, too. It makes the finished product even more impressive and greatly widens the variety of sets that you can build.
  4. It’s social: The BrickResales showroom is full of builders on the hunt for the perfect part to complete or inspire their next project, and many are always up for a chat – if they’re not, you can bet one of our team members will be!
  5. You can support small businesses: Did you know the BrickResales story started in a single-home garage? We’re still run by our founder, Judy, and helped by staff members from within our close-knit community. We also support a variety of Community Events and our favourite charity RizeUp Australia.
BrickResales buy second hand LEGO pieces.

What’s next for BrickResales in our Circular Economy?

We are working hard at sourcing non-plastic, eco-friendly packaging bags – both for your in-store purchases and for packing and posting the products you order from our online store. We have already made some exciting changes, but there are many more to come. Watch this space!


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