November 8

How To Recycle LEGO With BrickResales



This week – November 7 to 13 – is National Recycling Week, which is a topic we’re very passionate about here at BrickResales. It’s kind of what our whole business is based on! Here’s how to recycle LEGO with BrickResales.

The BrickResales business model is a prime example of a circular economy – which, according to the United Nations, is an effective way to reduce waste, use natural resources more wisely and even create more jobs. You can learn all about our LEGO circular economy right here.

Here at BrickResales, we buy your unwanted LEGO bricks, run them through a stringent cleaning and sterilising process, sort them by removing any non-LEGO brick pieces then add them to our online store or showroom for you (our customers) to purchase. And the circle goes on.

We know what you’re thinking: “Unwanted LEGO?! There’s no such thing.” We’re here to tell you that there is! People sell their LEGO parts for so many reasons. Sometimes children have flown the coop, or they would rather invest in a first car than keep parts they no longer use. Others outgrow their collection, or they simply want to buy new parts to keep their builds fresh and fun.

Whatever the reason, parting ways with the LEGO parts you no longer love can help your LEGO community in so many more ways than you might think. It can help LEGO fans complete their favourite build or recreate a dream LEGO set. It can also make building with LEGO parts more accessible (for so many reasons).

So, how to recycle LEGO parts with BrickResales? There are two ways – you can sell it, or you can buy it.

Sell LEGO Bricks with BrickResales

It’s never been easier to sell your LEGO parts. We purchase them by weight, so you don’t need to have a complete set or take out the extra bits. If it’s genuine LEGO, we’ll take it.

We’ll weigh it, clean it and sort it all, too. Simply pack it all into a box or bags you have lying around so that it’s ready for when we come to pick it up – or, you could even drop it off to our Coopers Plains showroom.

It’s so easy, but don’t take our word for it… check out what people who have sold their LEGO with BrickResales had to say about us.

“This exchange was a lovely experience. Glad that our well-loved LEGO collection is of use.” – Petra

“Great service, highly recommend. Great way to recycle a favourite toy!” – Lisa

“I love that the LEGO is given new life.” – Belinda

Are you looking to sell your LEGO collection?

Read more about the benefits you can enjoy when you sell LEGO sets online with BrickResales.

Find out more about selling your pre-loved LEGO parts with BrickResales.

Buy LEGO Bricks with BrickResales

Yep, you can help save the planet by buying LEGO parts! Shop with us either in our showroom or online and know that, when you buy pre-loved LEGO bricks, you’re participating in a circular economy and reducing plastic pollution. Go you!

We sell all kinds of LEGO parts. There are mixed bags (for example, you can get a bag of mixed LEGO parts or a bag of LEGO food), individual Minifigures and LEGO animals for sale and plenty of LEGO train, Technic and robotics parts, too. We even sell bulk LEGO for schools!

Our customers love browsing the BrickResales’ website (it’s changing every day) and stopping by our showroom to dig through tubs and tubs of pre-loved, meticulously cleaned LEGO.

You can buy a bag of LEGO bricks for $5.50/100g from our tubs, build your own Minifigure for just $4 (or three for $10) and even pick up free instruction books to inspire your next build. It’s a LEGO lovers’ dream.

“I have a LEGO-mad wife who wouldn’t leave,” said one of our customers Joe. Happy wife, happy life – right?!

Find out more about visiting our showroom.


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