January 16

LEGO Aussie Icons to MOC this Australia Day



Celebrate Australia in true LEGO style! There are so many great True Blue MOCs out there, but we’ve wrangled our top five right here, just for you.

A LEGO Rosella, by Brickman // Make it here
Look up high in the treetops and you may just be lucky enough to spot one of these rainbow beauties. But you won’t just spot Rosella parrots in real life – they’re also faces of some of our most famous Aussie brands, too.

A LEGO Barbecue, by TOLEMIGOCA // Make it here
While “shrimp” aren’t exactly our ingredient of choice, chucking just about anything else on the barbie is one Aussie stereotype that holds a lot of truth. Fire up your creativity to build this barbecue MOC in time for your Australia Day festivities.

A LEGO Koala, by SuperKoala // Make it here
Koala’s have been getting a lot of international attention of late, and while we wish it were under better circumstances, we’re glad the world is finally appreciating how cute, cuddly and worthy of protection these native marsupials really are. 

A LEGO Sydney Opera House, by LEGO // Make it here
Natural wonders abound Down Under, but when it comes to man-made icons, they’re few and far between. The Sydney Opera House has become one of Australia’s most recognisable symbols, so we can’t think of many better MOCs to embark upon this Australia Day.

A LEGO Kookaburra, by DeTomaso Pantera
Australia is known for weird and wonderful wildlife, but the kookaburra might just be our funniest – literally. Have a laugh creating this kookaburra MOC by DeTomaso Pantera.

Planning on making one of these creations over the long weekend? Be sure to tag us if you share a photo – use the hashtag #brickresales, and tag @BrickResales on both Facebook and Instagram!


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