October 26

LEGO builds to try this Halloween



It’s spooky season, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with LEGO toys! Here are our five favourite MOCs, mods and builds to get you into the Halloween spirit.

Haunted House
This Old Mansion MOC is the perfect spooky addition to your street scene or LEGO city. It turns the Haunted House LEGO Set (10273) into a fully furnished modular building, using many of the set’s original bricks and 1400 additional bricks, and adds detail to the interior – including a furnace, organ and an attic bedroom.
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Make this scary Halloween witch using parts from the LEGO Creative Tower (a set with 1600 parts and sticker decals) or from our online store or showroom. When you’re finished, put your witch on display as part of your Halloween decorations or add it to your bigger spooky builds.
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A simple, straightforward MOC, this Jack-O-Lantern idea will make for an awesome Halloween decoration or a great addition to your existing spooky builds. It only requires 17 LEGO bricks so it’s perfect to build en masse, and the animated instructions make it easy to follow each step. This is the perfect family-friendly Halloween build, if you ask us!
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A quick, fun build to make – maybe with children? – to get into the Halloween spirit! Simply follow the instructions in this helpful YouTube video to make this cauldron, then add it to your witchy castle or haunted house! No Halloween build will be complete without it.
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Spooky skeleton
It’s really not Halloween without a skeleton, is it? This super simple skeleton is fun and easy to create, provided you’ve got enough white. Put it on display in your home to spook your guests this Halloween, or make them for your friends or your child’s classmates!
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This little ghost build is more adorable than it is spooky, don’t you think?! It doesn’t require too many parts but the finished product looks so good – it will make the ultimate addition to any Halloween builds you are making, but you could also attach a string to the top for a cute bag decoration or window hanging. The opportunities are endless!
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Vampire and bat
This vampire and bat build (LEGO Set 40203) is so Halloween-y. You could draw inspiration from this small build and create a spooky mansion fit for Count Dracula to place them in or put them on display as a Halloween-themed centrepiece or mantelpiece decoration.
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Scary cemetery
There’s nothing spookier than a cemetery, and this modular MOC has all of the spooky vibes. From the cobwebs to the glowing ghosts, and the cast-iron fences, this MOC would make the perfect addition to your existing modular city or haunted house build. We will definitely be giving this one a try! If you need black or grey bricks, you can find them on our website.
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Visit the BrickResales showroom for more spooky builds, or learn how to master Halloween builds here.


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