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LEGO memories with my dad



There’s something about LEGO bricks that bring families together – specifically fathers and their children thanks to their popularity among young boys in particular. So, ahead of Father’s Day this year, we asked some of the members of our awesome BrickResales community to share their favourite LEGO memories either with their dad, or as a dad. Here’s what they had to say…

@_ge_c_ on Instagram: “It would actually have to be a recent one… My four-year-old dragging my father (his 77-year-old Pa) to sit on the floor in his playroom and force him to build a rocket. Master 4 was the foreman and kept saying, ‘Pa, you’re really good at LEGO’.”

John: “As a nine-year-old I remember being sent a LEGO set from my grandparents in the UK. But it was when my son, Tristan, was 35 years old that I took up LEGO building again as a real passion. Now, every Monday night, my son, his girlfriend and I get together and build with LEGO pieces. I also collect toy cars and have about 9000 of them – I never grew up, really!”

Ed: “My first LEGO memory is when I was five years old, building sets next to my dad while he built silly things with the pieces I hadn’t used yet. Some of my favourite memories as a parent involve taking my daughter to BrickResales so that she can fill a bag with pieces she thought were cool – meanwhile, I do exactly the same thing.” 

Patrick: “My kids encouraged me to buy my dad a LEGO set for Father’s Day one year. It sits on display in my parents lounge room.”

@alvin40k on Instagram: “My favourite memory with my dad is him fixing the base plate for a car that I broke. That was nearly forty years ago, and I still have that car. I can’t list all my favourite memories as a dad but the main one is the looks on my kids’ faces when they open a present and it’s a LEGO set they’ve been wanting for ages.”

Burt: “It’s too hard to choose a specific memory, I just love them all. My 40th birthday present from my family was a Mercedes Benz set, and I’ve even got my old man into it.”

Claude: “I fell in love with the LEGO Pirate theme and begged my father to purchase me a pirate ship for my birthday – we only got the small sets from The LEGO Group back in the day in South Africa, so I had a few minifigs and treasure chests but never a ship. My father bought me one from overseas on one of his business trips, and it was one of my favourite toys ever. I later bought a few other ships and nowadays it is a bit out of control. I’ve got about 16 ships and planning to get more.”

Ross: “My first memory of LEGO toys was on my 6th birthday when my dad gave me a fruit box packed with second-hand LEGO Bricks. It was obviously someone’s retired collection so there were no instructions, but my sister and I spent hours building just from our imagination… My first MOCs!”

Samuel: “One of my favourite memories which I distinctly remember was on one Easter (I think I was 4 or 5). The night before, my mother and father had secretly made a whole little town of houses and cars out of the family stash of LEGO, and hid Easter Eggs inside them all! As a kid… waking up to find Easter chocolate in LEGO was a seriously winning combination.”

Finn and Greg:
Finn: “I love building things with Dad – when I was very young, I built a lot with his old bricks.”
Greg: “I build whatever Finn likes. I’m partial to the old Batman sets, but I’m happy to build anything. My best moment as a dad was when I had bought two very expensive LEGO sets for Finn’s birthday, and I had them hidden in the house for a month – I spent the whole month imagining the look on his face, and it was just as good as I’d hoped it would be.”

@bgrzeskiewicz on Instagram: “When I got my first LEGO set for Christmas (it was just LEGO Basics back then) my parents tore down my building (after I went to sleep) and play with it like kids do.”



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