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LEGO Storage Tips for Your Growing Collection



Any LEGO lover will tell you that staying on top of your ever-growing collection takes serious strategy – in the blink of an eye, your perfectly organised system can explode all over a room (then all over your house). That’s why having good LEGO storage is important for any lover and collector!

LEGO Storage Ideas

There are countless LEGO storage ideas to choose from, depending on your preferences and the size of your collection.

Storage bins: One popular option is large, clear storage bins, allowing you to see and access your bricks easily. You can even sort your LEGOs by color, size, or type to make finding specific LEGO pieces a breeze.

Sorting trays: Another idea is to use stackable containers, which save space and make it easy to add more storage as your collection grows.

Storage drawers: You can also use clear plastic drawers with dividers or customise your own with DIY drawer dividers. This allows you to sort your bricks in a way that makes sense and keeps everything organised and easy to find.

LEGO storage bag: Several bag options are available for LEGO sorting and storing. Drawstring bags are easy to open and close and can be easily hung up to keep everything within reach. At the same time, zip lock bags are a simple and affordable option for storing your bricks. They can be easily stacked or stored in a larger container.

LEGO Play Mat: Play mats provide a designated area for building and playing with LEGO bricks. It keeps the bricks contained and can be easily stored when not in use. Cleaning is quick and easy, making it a great storage option for children and on-the-go building.

IKEA Trofast shelves: Alternatively, you can create custom LEGO storage solutions using shelves and cubes from IKEA. This solution offers a smart way to store your bricks and sets due to their versatility and customisable features. You can keep your bricks organised and easily accessible while creating a customised system that fits your needs and looks great in any room.

And don’t forget about the instruction manuals! Keeping instruction manuals organised is also crucial so you can easily refer to them when building sets. Storing them in binders or file cabinets is an excellent idea to prevent clutter and avoid misplacing your manuals, especially if you have an extensive collection of sets and prefer a more professional-looking solution.

Moreover, if you have a built LEGO set that you want to display, bookshelves provide a sturdy and stable surface. At the same time, floating shelves are an excellent option for smaller built sets or for creating a gallery wall of multiple sets.

Tips and Tricks from the Community

Knowing that there is no one perfect solution for everything, we asked our BrickResales community to share their tactics for storing – and sorting – their LEGO stash, and we’re reporting back with the best tips and tricks.

Read on for serious inspiration…

“Technic gets sorted into individual drawers. The rest only gets broken down into basic types; plates, slopes, tile/trim pieces, etc. Actual bricks get broken down into colours, but I normally keep two contrasting colours together as it makes it easier to visually find things when digging through. I think “chicken scratching” encourages creativity.” – Wes.

“I put all my bricks and parts in their own bags to make it easy to find them. I keep parts in bags for certain builds and put the lock-tight bags into big tubs, and keep train tracks in drawers.” – Shane.

“(I sort) by type, using a combination of Tactix, Ezy Storage and Montgomery containers from Bunnings and Stack & Store two and five-drawer mini cabinets and five-litre, four-section storage boxes. And an epic amount of Ziploc bags.” – Troy.

“All in separate tubs. Sets shall NOT be mixed. Kids have a separate tub of mixed LEGO bricks to create anything with, but all big sets (e.g. all the Harry Potter ones!) are kept separate.” – Angela.

And, our personal favourite…

“Under my feet at 3am when I’m getting ready for work, in the vacuum cleaner, the cat’s water bowl, under the doona, on top of the spare toilet paper rolls, in my slippers. Where else would you store it?!?!” – Dominic.

Ultimately, the key to successfully storing LEGO bricks and sets is finding a system that works for you and your collection. Whether you opt for clear plastic bins, stackable containers, or a custom-built cabinet, having a solid storage strategy will help you stay on top of your ever-growing collection and avoid those dreaded explosions of bricks all over your house.

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