August 31

Mix and match



If there’s one thing LEGO play does well, it’s captivate our kids’ attention for the longest time. LEGO toys grow with them, that’s for sure.

From toddler fingers fumbling with Duplo blocks, next up there would be that first set of Classic standard bricks that were used for early fine motor skills, basic structures and even those basic educational colour-sorting activities. Then, as your child’s personality develops, so too does their taste in LEGO sets. Maybe they dream of being an astronaut and classic Space is what you chase for them? Or the mini police officers, truck drivers and pilots in your life are drawn to the imaginative stories surrounding the many City sets? Maybe your school-aged daughters have an obsession for LEGO Friends sets – who could resist the candy pink and purple pieces and those ever-so-cute mini animals? But then your teenage offspring start to enjoy the thinking and understanding behind Technics and your LEGO collection expands into various-sized gears and cogs, interconnecting technic arms, bricks, pins, axles and motors.

While these stories are common for most parents, the other story we hear is that many of those kids will grow up and generally outgrow their LEGO collections. Which is where BrickResales steps in. Did you know we buy pre-loved LEGO parts by weight? And the best part is that there’s no need to sort or clean or dust your LEGO collection beforehand. Those mixed up tubs of Classic bricks, LEGO Friends and Technic parts, for example, are what we LOVE best! Multitudes of different colours, parts of different sizes, foliage, wheels, Minifigures, windows and more. We’ll simply pop your collection on our scales and pay you per kilogram for your authentic LEGO parts. Once your LEGO collection has gone through our rigorous cleaning and sanitising process, we then set our dedicated team to work, sorting your mix-and-match LEGO collection into a curated collection of listings in our online store, or into organised tubs for our next community event.

While it can sometimes be sad for sentimental parents to see their kids’ LEGO collection go (be it a physical representation of a memorable fun childhood turned into adulthood perhaps), what is heart-warming is knowing that those preloved LEGO parts will be given brand new life in small inquisitive hands once more, inspiring a new generation of creative minds, all with thanks to BrickResales.

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