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Our Favourite LEGO Books You Should Add to Your Reading List



We don’t just eat, sleep and breathe LEGO bricks – we spend our spare time reading about them, too. So, what’s interesting about reading LEGO books?

Books about LEGO can provide inspiration and new ideas for building and creating with bricks and teach them about different subjects through the lens of LEGO. They can introduce readers to other building techniques, designs, and concepts that can help take their building skills to the next level.

For those interested in learning more about the company’s history and evolution, reading can provide fans and collectors with a deep understanding of how LEGO came to be one of the most popular and enduring toy brands in the world.

Finally, reading books about LEGO can be a way to connect with other enthusiasts and be part of a larger community of people who share a love for this timeless toy and provide a common ground for conversation and discussion among fans.

So here are our favourite books about LEGO…

If you’re an AFOL (and you know it) add these books to your ‘Must Read’ list!

‘Brickman’s Family Challenge Book’ by Ryan McNaught
Challenge each member of your household to a building competition that is the brainchild of Brickman himself! Each of the 30 challenges can be attempted at beginner, intermediate or advanced levels.
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‘The LEGO Ideas Book: You Can Build Anything!’ by DK
The LEGO Ideas Book is packed full of tips from expert LEGO builders on how to make jet planes reach new heights, create fantastic fortresses, swing through lush jungles, have fun on the farm and send space shuttles out of this world!
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‘Awesome LEGO Creations with Bricks You Already Have’ by Sarah Dees
This book creates hours of fun, new worlds and new toys from the collection of LEGO bricks kids already have. Each project includes a parts list so you can verify that you have all the pieces, and the book features full-size photos of life-like scenes that are simple enough for kids to build on their own.
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‘The LEGO Neighborhood Book 2’ by Brian and Jason Lyles
Step-by-step instructions show how to build detailed LEGO models of neighbourhoods – complete with homes, stores, restaurants, barbershops, and more. In this second volume, a follow up to the runaway best-selling first volume, readers learn even more ways to create classic architectural styles using only LEGO bricks.
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LEGO Chain Reactions’ by Pat Murphy
Fascinate your friends by completing an ordinary task in an extraordinary way. Learn to build 10 LEGO machines that can swing, pivot, roll, lift, and drop. Then connect, rearrange, and experiment with the machines to create a chain reaction.
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‘The LEGO Book: 60th Anniversary New Edition’ by DK
Take a dazzling visual tour through groundbreaking moments in LEGO history, from the company’s humble beginnings in a carpenter’s workshop to the invention of the iconic LEGO brick and LEGO minifigure, through to the stunning toys, video games and movies of today.
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‘LEGO Minifigure Year by Year: A Visual History’ by Gregory Farshtey, DK and Daniel Lipkowitz
This beautifully illustrated book with three LEGO minifigures included, presents a visual history of the amazing LEGO minifigure phenomenon. Take a trip down memory lane and explore the origins and growth of the amazing LEGO minifigure.
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‘The LEGO Adventure Book, Volume 1: Cars, Castles, Dinosaurs and More!’ by Megan H. Rothrock
Unleash your imagination as you journey through the wide-ranging world of LEGO building with The LEGO Adventure Book. This inspiring tour is filled with bright visuals, step-by-step breakdowns of 25 models, and nearly 200 example models from the world’s best builders.
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‘Build Yourself Happy: The Joy of LEGO Play’ by Abbie Headon
Failing to find inner peace on a yoga mat? Overwhelmed by choosing what box set to watch next? Then it’s time to grab some LEGO bricks and build your way to joy. Find out how playing with LEGO elements brings a sense of fun as well as calmness to everyday life (and read our blog post about this very topic while you’re at it!).
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‘LEGO Still Life with Bricks’ by Lidia Ortiz and Michelle Clair
Transforming handfuls of bricks into minty toothpaste, eggs and bacon, lush houseplants, and more, ‘LEGO Still Life’ reimagines the mundane and sparks playfulness in everyday life.
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Start your LEGO Books collection now!

There you have it! Starting your book collection is an inexpensive and valuable resource for inspiration and ideas in building and designing with LEGO bricks – tangible and readily available on your bookshelf or playroom.

Even if you are not a builder, reading and studying about LEGOs can still be a fun and relaxing activity that can spark your creativity and imagination for various creative projects!



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