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The Best Star Wars LEGO MOCs By Our Customers



We’ve been celebrating Star Wars all May long here at BrickResales. That includes showing off some of the amazing builds created by members of our BrickResales community – both on social media and in our Coopers Plains showroom! To help see you through until next May, we’ve rounded up the best Star Wars LEGO MOCs into one handy blog post for you…

Here are some of the best Star Wars LEGO MOCs from our customers:

From young builders to the young at heart!

Alastair’s rainbow AT-AT.

Alastair’s rainbow AT-AT
Check out this All Terrain Armoured Transport (AT-AT walker) by Alastair. We love that he’s chosen a fun rainbow take on a classic Star Wars vehicle.

A classic and rainbow Grogu’s made of LEGO.

Alison’s Grogu’s
Is there anything cuter than Grogu? Yep – a rainbow Grogu! How cool are Alison’s two takes on the beloved character from The Mandalorian? We just love them. If you’re feeling inspired to try a rainbow build, check out this blog post.

A rainbow Millennium Falcon.

Alison’s rainbow Millennium Falcon
Having played a role in some of the greatest victories in the Star Wars franchise, the Millennium Falcon is one of the most iconic ships to date. We love Alison’s rainbow take on a classic.

A small LEGO scene of the Cobb Vanths Speeder (from The Mandalorian).

Brandon’s Cobb Vanths Speeder (from The Mandalorian)
“I built a small scene for it; The Mando’s speeder is just the one that comes in the Tatooine set. Wish I could have brought it in for Star Wars Day (which is also my birthday, incidentally).” You know you’re a Star Wars fan when you’re born on May the 4th!

A mix of Star Wars sets.

Christopher’s Star Wars display
What a brilliant mix of Star Wars sets from talented Christopher! Which builds can you spy in this display?

A LEGO Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser.

Dino Dave’s Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser
Dino Dave doesn’t just build amazing LEGO dinosaurs and fossils; he also made this incredible Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser, one of the ultimate Republic starships.

A LEGO Crane Walker.

Ed’s Crane Walker
Ed, our super online guy, built this Crane Walker and has it proudly on display in his office. You can also see where his inspiration came from – yep, there’s a story behind it, too! Ask him about it next time you’re in our showroom.

‘Han’s Colour Run’ MOC

Glenn’s ‘Han’s Colour Run’ MOC
Glenn’s very first attempt at building rock walls/landscaping certainly paid off – and just look at the Monochrome Tie Fighters in his ‘Han’s Colour Run’ MOC. Well done!

‘Out of this World’ MOC.

Heath’s ‘Out of this World’ MOC
12-year-old Heath entered his first ever display at our showroom during Star Wars month. Here, you can see his huge ‘Out of this World’ MOC – we’re so proud of his building skills.

Star Wars LEGO minifigure Droid army

Heath’s Droid army
Another build by Heath, one of our biggest Star Wars LEGO fans! He recently brought in his Droid army (mostly bought from us) to show us. His knowledge of Star Wars Minifigures is his superpower as he helped us piece a bunch of them ready for sale.

LEGO Clone Defence MOC scene.

Jack’s Clone Defence MOC
Check out this amazing MOC of a clone defence scene, built by teenager Jack. He always blows us away with his building skills and attention to detail. It’s so much fun rewatching the films to find build inspiration! Head here for tips on how to build better Star Wars MOCs (including some tips from Jack himself!).

11 year old, Jason, with his AT-ST Walker MOC on display.

Jason’s AT-ST
11-year-old Jason is a budding LEGO Master, and found all the parts to make this AT-ST Walker MOC (including a mini version) in our showroom. He even kindly allowed us to display his build during Star Wars month.

Rainbow LEGO builds of classic Star Wars ships.

Kim’s rainbow Star Wars builds
How cool are Kim’s amazing rainbow builds of classic Star Wars ships? She generously allowed us to display them during Star Wars month, and they were a huge hit. What a great way to use up spare LEGO parts.

Star Wars display.

Mel’s Star Wars display
Our very own Mel (she’s part of the BrickResales team!) built this awesome Star Wars display, which includes some original Podracers. We love the combination of classic and new Star Wars elements.

501st Battle Scene MOC as one of the best LEGO Star Wars builds..

Oliver’s 501st Battle Scene
11-year-old Oliver displayed his first ever MOC, the 501st Battle Scene. We especially love how he used transparent parts to make it look like one Minifigure is flying/jumping. It really makes the scene come to life.

LEGO Rainbow Grogu.

Peta’s rainbow Grogu
Rainbow Grogu builds are so nice, we’ve included them twice! Check out Peta’s rainbow Grogu build, which was built primarily using parts found at BrickResales.

Storm Trooper using LEGO bricks.

Ray’s Brick Built Storm Trooper
Ray built this incredible Storm Trooper using LEGO bricks and allowed us to display it in our showroom during Star Wars month! We particularly love the detail – it takes serious talent to make brick builds look that realistic.

LEGO 501st Legion Outpost MOC.

Xavier’s 501st Legion Outpost
This MOC of a 501st Legion outpost by Xavier is so good! There is so much detail. For the uninitiated, the 501st Legion is an international fan-based organisation dedicated to screen-accurate replicas of villains from the Star Wars universe.

Keen to make your own LEGO Star Wars build? You’ll need a few key pieces – we’ve got a huge range of Star Wars parts and Minifigures on our website.


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