July 30

The power of play



Play. Why do we see it and aging as mutually exclusive? The more we age, the less we play, considering it to be something that should be left in our childhood. To adults, we say: play! Here are a few reasons why.

Play helps you relieve stress

Having fun, be it with a board game, outdoor activity or by creating something, can trigger the release of endorphins (the ‘feel-good’ chemicals). Experts say that these endorphins promote an overall sense of wellbeing and can even act as natural painkillers, improve your ability to sleep and stabilise your mood, all helping you stress less.

Play boosts your brain function

Play that involves problem solving, creative thinking or logic is particularly beneficial, as it challenges your brain and is therefore said to promote brain function. Using your brain regularly and effectively in this way may not only boost your cognitive abilities but is also believed to help prevent memory problems.

Play improves your creativity

If you’ve ever watched a child play on their own, you’ve probably been blown away by their imagination. Where do they get it from?! Well, it turns out that regular play can make you more adaptable (this goes back to the brain function benefits we just mentioned) and even learn new things more effectively. That explains why LEGO MOC builds are so awesome!

Play improves your relationships

From teaching cooperation to improving your social skills, there are so many reasons to play not only by yourself, but with others! It’s an effective tool for developing and maintaining your relationships with others, helping even to heal resentments and disagreements. Yep, cracking open a fresh LEGO set and spending time building it with a partner or friend will make you a better person.

Play makes you a better worker

Have you seen the Google headquarters? Complete with an indoor slide, on-site beach volleyball courts and the theme-park like Android Park, Google seems to agree with experts who say that play at work can deliver more productivity, higher job satisfaction, greater workplace morale and even less staff turnover.

Learn about LEGO Serious Play here.

Ways to play with LEGO parts:

  • Try a new take on an existing set! This could mean looking up alternative build instructions, or just freestyling – you never know what you’ll come up with.
  • Attempt a build challenge in a certain theme, LEGO Masters style. You, alongside your friends or family members, could try to build something in a certain theme, like Technic, nature or your favourite movie.
  • Choose five parts at random from your LEGO collection and see how you could use them in an exciting build. You can use other parts, but maybe set a limit to how many you can use in total?
  • Download free LEGO instructions (or MOC!) online then source the parts (from BrickResales) and attempt it yourself. It’s a great, affordable way to achieve builds you may not have access to otherwise – plus, it’s a lot more fun.
  • Undertake a 30-day LEGO challenge! There are so many available online for you to print and try yourself (be sure to tag us when you share the results



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