September 20

The RizeUp Story



If you’ve been to a BrickResales event – or even seen us post about them on social media – you’ve probably noticed a couple of smiling, blue-aproned helpers holding a little blue bucket by the entrance. This is the story behind that little blue bucket.

On average, in Australia alone, a woman is killed by her partner or a former partner every single week. One in four Australian women has experienced physical, sexual or emotional violence by a partner and, of those women, more than half have children in their care.

RizeUp Australia is a community-driven organisation of passionate men and women, dedicated to supporting the many families affected by domestic and family violence. Speaking engagements, support programs and fundraising are just some of the ways RizeUp works to positively impact the lives of domestic violence victims here in Australia.

Through their ‘RizeUp at Home’ program, RizeUp transforms barren properties into purposefully-created homes, tailored to the specific family’s individual needs – because every family deserves a home free from domestic and family violence. RizeUp also provides rapid response, designed to meet the immediate and diverse needs of families fleeing domestic violence by providing everything from food to blankets to urgent funds.

The work of the dedicated coordinators and volunteers has been instrumental in driving awareness about domestic violence and providing practical help to the many Australians whose lives have been impacted by domestic violence.

But while there’s no denying that RizeUp is making a huge impact, we’ve still got a long way to go. Reducing instances of domestic violence and providing meaningful support to victims is a cause that’s very close to the heart of the entire BrickResales family, but particularly our founder Judy.

That’s why, at every BrickResales event you attend, we ask that you pop a gold coin donation into that little blue bucket on the door – and say a warm ‘hello’ to the volunteers collecting donations – so that RizeUp can continue their life-changing (and, in some cases, life-saving) work.

It’s our hope that you will RizeUp with us and end the national domestic violence epidemic for good – whether it’s donating goods, services, gift vouchers or cash, or simply spreading the word about the work RizeUp do.

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