March 14

The story behind our new LEGO Serious Play table kits

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If you’re looking for a flexible, adaptable way to incorporate LEGO play into your next work event, we’ve got just the thing. Our customisable table kits were developed with the help of LEGO Serious Play facilitator Lúcás Ó’Ceallacháin to fit events of all shapes, sizes and goals. Here’s how they came to be…

Working in sports performance, coaching and development, Lúcás had been in so many rooms with the same old ice breakers. He was looking for something different – which is how he found LEGO Serious Play (LSP).

“I ended up being trained by Michael Fearne, one of the biggest LSP trainers and facilitators in Australia,” says Lúcás. “I wasn’t sure how it would go down with sports people, but I was blown away by how powerful it was as a medium.”

Working with organisations like Cricket Australia, Football Australia, the Australian Institute of Sport and the Queensland University of Technology, as well as individual sessions with coaches, Lúcás found that LSP was like a shortcut to making people feel comfortable – and, from there, creating powerful conversations.

Lúcás says that even those who start out feeling resistant will achieve great outcomes. People have conversations with colleagues or coaches that they would not have otherwise, and often open up even though they don’t like to talk about themselves.

“My big thing with sport is getting people into a flow,” says Lúcás. “Freedom is a huge part of that, so I knew I needed kits that could offer lots of choices. That’s how I found BrickResales.”

Lúcás was drawn to the flexibility of BrickResales’ offering. He wasn’t hung up on having the exact same kits for each session – in fact, he was looking for the opposite.

“The bigger the pile of LEGO parts in the middle of the table, the more autonomy the participants feel, and the more playful it becomes,” says Lúcás. “Recently I’ve started doing wider groups with different needs and abilities, so the fact that BrickResales can design the sets based on my needs is key.”

For a recent session with 150 Aurizon rail workers in Rockhampton, for example, Lúcás wanted Minifigures that reflected the participants. BrickResales was able to provide hundreds of Minifigures in orange safety tops and blue slacks, so that when the workers opened up the table kits, they saw themselves.

“Those details are important,” says Lúcás. “We spend time talking with Judy and the BrickResales team about the session, tailoring the tabletop kits so that we can get the most out of each one. Judy always communicates with me after the sessions, too, to see what we can improve on. I feel like they’re a part of our team.”

And the results speak for themselves. Lúcás tells a story about one of the senior leaders at the Aurizon event who, when the group was instructed to build a tower with themselves on top of it, built his horizontally.

“This guy had gone from being on the tools to being in a leadership position, but still felt like he wanted to be on the same level as his former colleagues,” says Lúcás. “His senior leadership team around him needed to hear that, but sometimes you just can’t have that personal conversation.

“This medium gives us a new kind of language. The science is robust around it, so you have to know that they work.”

Keen to discover the power of LEGO Serious Play? Our customisable tabletop kits are the perfect place to start. Click here to find out more, and here to learn more about Lúcás’ facilitator services.


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