April 8

‘Til death do we part: LEGO-themed wedding ideas



If you’re looking for a fun, memorable addition to your upcoming nuptials, we might have just the thing. Below, we share five ways to make LEGO part of your big day…

Custom cake toppers

Why purchase traditional wedding cake toppers when you can create your own with LEGO parts? There are several online businesses that can build custom LEGO wedding cake toppers for you – but it could be even better (and more fun) to do it yourself. No parts? No worries. Stop by the Make Your Own Minifigure table in our showroom and make a signature Minifigure (Sigfig) for just $4 each. Perhaps you and your partner could even build each other’s as a pre-wedding date idea?

Guest book activity

This adorable LEGO wedding guest book took the Internet by storm a few months back, and for good reason – it’s so clever. Purchase a tonne of Minifigure parts and accessories, lay them all out on a table and let your guests build their own Sigfig to add to your guest book (or in this case, guest board). Not only does it make for a fun activity for your guests, but it also creates a memorable keepsake for you to look back on. Our resident Minifigure expert, Greg, will be more than happy to help you source the required parts.

Sigfigs, in place of place cards

While you’re visiting our showroom’s Make Your Own Minifigure table, you might be inspired to create Sigfigs for your wedding guests, too. Of course, this may not be practical if you have a huge wedding. But for weddings of up to 50 guests or so, Sigfigs make adorable place cards – and they can be taken home as bespoke bomboniere or party favours (not bad for $4 a pop!). During the celebrations, they can prop up a name card, like so, or be stuck to a seating chart to help your guests find their spot. For a simpler approach to place cards, we love these simple LEGO brick ones.


Anyone who has planned a wedding will know that flowers can take up a big chunk of the budget. Worse still, while photos and memories will last a lifetime, your beautiful (expensive) flowers will only stay fresh for a week at most. LEGO flowers, on the other hand, will never wilt. There are plenty of instructions to download, for free, from the LEGO website – then, you can come in and track down the parts in our showroom or purchase them from our online store. Building the bouquets is the fun part and makes for a perfect activity for the bride and groom or bridal party. Just look at this ‘florist’ in London if you’re not convinced about the beautiful potential of LEGO flowers!

Centrepieces and decorations

In a similar vein, you can use LEGO parts to build your dream centrepieces and wedding decorations. From LEGO-fying the ring box to building beautiful LEGO hair accessories, jewellery and cuff links, the possibilities are endless when it comes to LEGO play. You could greet your guests with a LEGO-made welcome sign or incorporate your love of LEGO from the very start by including a piece with to your invitations. Here are a few of our favourite ideas, courtesy of The LEGO Group (and some talented LEGO lovers).

Want something custom for your big day? Chat to our resident Minifigure expert, Greg, in our showroom – or by emailing support@brickresales.com.au. He’s here to help you find the perfect missing part for your wedding.


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