February 24

Top 10 builds to make with red LEGO



Do you have an abundance of red LEGO parts lying around? Good news – there are so many builds you can make with them! From superheroes to festivals in faraway places, here are ten builds to inspire your next red LEGO creation.

LEGO Iron Man bust

This build is one super way to utilise your red LEGO. It features 1169 parts, a light-up arc reactor and vibrant yellow details (or you could use gold if you’re a stickler for accuracy). You can buy the instructions on Rebrickable for around $60AUD – it’s on the more expensive side, but the display piece is totally worth it.

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LEGO 1955 Chevy Bel Air Coupe

When it comes to classic cars, you can’t go past the 1955 Chevy Bel Air Coupe – especially in this striking red! It’s a great build to add to your LEGO garage of classic cars or your vibrant streetscape. Who says you need to spend tens of thousands of dollars for a car like this?!

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LEGO Giant Red Sgorbulon spaceship

We know – this build would be a huge undertaking (literally). But just because you can’t replicate the build on the same scale, it doesn’t mean you can’t take on a similar, smaller version! Check out the video then try to create your own, or let it inspire your next custom spaceship build.

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LEGO winter village

Recreate the festive splendour and celebrations of the Christmas season with a large-scale winter village build, like the one we set up in December! You could build Santa’s grotto, a Christmas market, a village square and even set up a train to roll through the build. We loved having everyone help out with the build, and it turned out amazing.

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LEGO Clifford the Big Red Dog

Take inspiration from the book series and beloved TV show (and now feature film) with this adorable product idea from Ryan Acker. While you’ll have to attempt this build sans instructions (at least, until Ryan gets enough votes for LEGO to make this set official) you’ll have so much fun in the process.

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LEGO dragon

Take to the skies with this fearsome fire-breathing dragon! It’s an awesome MOC featuring a classic red and black colour scheme, large wings, a long scaly tail, fiery breath, long talons and big eyes. Add it to your medieval fantasy build, stomp through forests and soar over huge mountains with this red dragon MOC by Kompaan.

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LEGO roses

Valentine’s Day has passed, but you can still mark your next special occasion with these beautiful LEGO Roses. Download the instructions, source the parts (that’s where we come in!) and create this bouquet to let someone know how much they’re cherished – they can display them in a beautiful vase forever.

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LEGO London phone booth

Check out this fun take on a London icon with this video tutorial by Tiago Catarino! It’s really easy to replicate yourself, and will make a great addition to your London streetscape or a sweet windowsill or mantlepiece decoration. You could even build it as a gift to an Anglophile friend!

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LEGO Minnie Mouse

How cute is this LEGO Mickey and Minnie Mouse build by Frugal Fun 4 Boys? You don’t need to be a Disney fan to appreciate this build, but it will make an excellent addition to your Disney character display. We particularly love the use of the ‘bad guy hats’ (Minifigure accessories) as noses – what a perfect fit!

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LEGO BrickResales sign

This one is a personal favourite, for obvious reasons! Do you remember when we enlisted the help of our BrickResales community to greeble our logo? It was so much fun. We made the base plates and then put the build out in our showroom for our customers to make their mark – now, it’s on display behind the checkout at our showroom.

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Now you know what you’re going to build, you’ll need the parts to make it! Click here to top up your red LEGO collection.


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Opening of BrickResales Showroom
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