September 20

Top 5 places to find your next LEGO build



While we certainly love building from the official LEGO sets, there’s something about “My own creations” (or “MOCs” as we LEGO fanatics say) that’s just so exciting. Here are our five go-to places to find instructions and MOC design inspiration, so that you can hunt down the pieces you need at our next BrickResales event and get building!


Downloading the free instructions available on the official LEGO website and finding your parts at a BrickResales event is a great way to recreate the sets you may not be able to afford first-hand. Plus, building in this way allows you to get creative with colour and size, making a MOC out of what was intended to be an official LEGO set.

Visit them at :

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2. Let’s Build it Again

With an archive of instructions that date back as late as 1958, this is the place to go if you’re looking for a vintage or retro LEGO build. Whether you’ve lost your instructions or just want to walk down memory lane, ‘Let’s Build it Again’ no doubt has the instructions you’re looking for – all you need to do is find the pieces.

Visit them at :

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3. The Brothers Brick

The Brothers Brick are kind of legends in the LEGO MOC world, featuring hundreds of awesome creations every month – and doing their best to provide or create easy-to-follow instructions for them, too! The Brothers Brick has a MOC of everything and everyone, from Stephen Hawking to Santa Clause.

Visit them at:

The Brothers Brick logo


4. Builderdude35

If awesome machines and robots are your things, Builderdude35 is your dude! Kyle combines robotics with LEGO and showcases the awesome results, while also offering up the designs for free on his website so that you can recreate them yourself.

Visit them at:

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5. Rebrickable

A community hub of the latest and greatest MOCs, Rebrickable is one of our favourite go-tos when we feel like MOCing something crazy. It’s a combined effort by hundreds of different designers, most – if not all – of whom offer up their designs for a fair price.

Visit them at:

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