November 28

Top 5 Reasons to Give Second Hand LEGO as Christmas Gift



We all know there are more than five reasons to give someone second-hand LEGO parts. But here are the very best reasons to give preloved LEGO parts from BrickResales as a Christmas gift.

More bang for your buck
We love buying a fresh LEGO set, but it can seriously hurt your bank account. – especially since our LEGO wishlist is constantly growing! When you gift pre-loved pieces, you can give your friend or family member more for a fraction of the price.

Inspire creativity
Anyone can build a LEGO set with all of the pieces or instructions. However, it takes creativity to build something out of a pile of randomly selected pieces. That’s where the magic happens!

But if your recipient isn’t much of a creative person, you can still gift an awesome preloved LEGO kit. Thanks to the many MOC instructions you can score online nowadays, building LEGOs is easier!

Create the perfect custom gift by collecting all of the necessary parts at BrickResales events. You can then pack them up with the instruction booklet, which makes an incredible LEGO Christmas gift made just for them!

Always unique
There’s no such thing as too many LEGO pieces (trust us, we’ve been collecting them for years!). You can choose from gifting a:

  • mixed bag of parts,
  • gift voucher, or
  • VIP monthly subscription

You don’t have to worry about having to return your gift because it is always unique! If they received the same gift, it just means twice as many LEGO parts – and no one can complain about that!

Gift sustainably
Everyone knows to ‘reduce, reuse, recycle,’ but did you know that can apply to your LEGO bricks, too? By repurchasing (and gifting) pre-loved LEGO parts you’re helping to:

  • reduce the amount of plastic and packaging,
  • reusing perfectly good pieces, and
  • recycling someone’s loved LEGO pieces into an awesome Christmas gift for your loved one

All of these are awesome for the environment, too!

Support a small business
You know that saying, ‘when you buy from a small business, an actual person does a happy dance’? That’s true at BrickResales.

The BrickResales team spent countless hours collecting, cleaning and sorting tonnes of LEGO parts! We work hard to make sure as many preloved LEGO parts are available to customers as possible. And at the end of each event, even though they’re so tired, they do a collective happy dance.

LEGO Christmas Gift

Find the perfect LEGO Christmas gift for a special LEGO fan in your life here. We’ve rounded up some of the best LEGOs you can get for kids and adult fans of LEGO.

Best LEGO Christmas Gifts for Kids

Christmas is right around the corner. If you’re looking for that perfect LEGO Christmas gift for your little one, then look no further. This holiday season is the perfect time to give them the gift of building.

LEGO has been a classic toy for decades and continues to be every kid’s favourite. Whether your child is a beginner or an advanced LEGO builder, many amazing sets will make this Christmas extra special. Let’s explore some of the best LEGO Christmas gifts for kids.

LEGO City allows kids to build their very own metropolitan city filled with police stations, fire departments, airports and much more. Not only do kids get to build their cityscape but also play out exciting scenarios and stories as well! With different LEGO City pieces available in our shop, kids will never run out of ideas about what to build next!

LEGO Harry Potter
For those who love all things magical, why not treat them to a LEGO Harry Potter this Christmas? With different LEGO Harry Potter pieces, they’ll have plenty of fun building their piece of wizarding magic!

LEGO Minecraft
LEGO Minecraft creates an immersive experience that encourages creative playtime. Kids can recreate scenes from the popular video game or create entirely new scenarios with their characters and stories. LEGO Minecraft is made with realistic details that make it feel like they’ve stepped into the world of Minecraft itself! Plus, there’s no need to worry about screen time.

LEGO Duplo
LEGO Duplo encourages creativity and independent play for toddlers and preschoolers. These larger-sized blocks are perfect for little hands and foster imaginative playtime as kids develop their motor skills. With colourful pieces that snap together easily, LEGO Duplo allows kids to create whatever their imagination desires.

Read more about small Christmas gift ideas. Find these suggestions by the LEGO Group or an affordable second-hand alternative in BrickResales.

Best LEGO Christmas Gifts for Adults

If you’re an adult fan of LEGO, then you know how much joy and creative satisfaction the building blocks can bring. It’s a great way to relax after a long day or stimulate your imagination while having fun.

And if you’re looking for the perfect LEGO Christmas gift for the AFOLs in your life, then look no further! Here are some gift ideas that will make any grown-up LEGO lover smile on Christmas morning.

LEGO Star Wars
If your loved one is a Star Wars fan, they will love receiving LEGO Star Wars as a Christmas gift! There is no shortage of options with several buildable figures, collector’s editions or even specific pre-loved pieces!

LEGO Architecture
LEGO Architecture sets are a fun way to inspire an AFOL’s creativity and interest in building things. These sets feature replicas of famous architecture from around the world. They provide fun building experiences while teaching fascinating facts about iconic landmarks from around the world.

Show your loved one how much you appreciate their interests by giving them a unique set to inspire their creative side. Plus, their timeless designs make them perfect additions to any home or office space!

Brickresales VIP Monthly Club Subscription

Do you know someone who would love to receive the following all STRAIGHT to their doorstep?

  • a brand new CMF (collectible Minifig),
  • three randomly selected minifigs and accessories,
  • an assortment of wheels,
  • windscreens and a great mixture of plates,
  • bricks and smaller LEGO parts

That’s what a $35 monthly BrickResales VIP Club subscription gets them – and it even includes postage, with a tracking number. Give the gift that keeps on giving with a BrickResales subscription this Christmas.



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