January 15

What to see and do in our showroom right now



It’s either stinking hot or bucketing down, which means the BrickResales Showroom – located in Coopers Plains, Brisbane – is the place to be right now.

Not only is it air conditioned but, with tubs and tubs of pre-loved LEGO parts, amazing displays and free instruction books, you can easily spend hours here.

Here are a few things to see and do…

See awesome LEGO builds

Our showroom is more than just a place to buy LEGO parts – it’s also home to an ever-changing line up of incredible LEGO builds made by members of our community (including our team!). Check out some of the builds on display right now…

Dig through tubs of pre-loved LEGO parts

We have sold literal tons of pre-loved LEGO parts to LEGO lovers in our showroom. There are tubs and tubs and tubs to dig through, sorted by colour and category for convenience. Come with a specific build in mind or get inspired by the builds on display. You can give yourself a mini challenge to do while you’re in our showroom or just see where your creativity takes you. We even have free instruction books to inspire your next build.

Browse new LEGO parts

We don’t just sell pre-loved pieces – we also have an array of brand-new parts to check out. There are custom pieces and kits to purchase, a ‘pick a brick’ section and plenty of other goodies to discover. We are constantly refreshing our stock, so no two visits to BrickResales are alike.

Make your own Minifigure

If you’ve searched far and wide for the perfect Minifigure for your collection, why not make one? We have a Make Your Own Minifigure station in our showroom, where you can build a Minifigure for just $4 each (or three for $10!). Each Minifigure includes four parts: the hat/hair, head, torso and legs. While accessories are not included, you can pick up a bag of accessories for $5.95.

Our showroom is open Thursday to Monday, from 8am until 3pm. Find us at Building 1B, 836 Boundary Road, Coopers Plains. You can also shop our huge range of LEGO parts and Minifigures online, 24/7.



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