Sep 01 , 2021

BrickResales LEGO Reselling Site Opens First Store in Coopers Plains

A self-confessed LEGO geek, who has been selling loose LEGO pieces at her online store, BrickResales, has decided to expand and open a physical store in Coopers Plains despite the economic impact of the pandemic.

Judy Friedman, from Albany Creek, wasn’t discouraged by the public health crisis as she realised she could still organise four-hour long of LEGO building events without the risks of crowding. It’s these events, which have practiced social distancing even before it became the norm, that pushed Ms Friedman to launch the brick-and-mortar store/showroom.

“BrickResales is so much more than a ‘pre-loved LEGO brick business’. BrickResales is a community of people, connected through the amazing LEGO world!” the welcome message stated on her official site.

Sep 01 , 2021

BrickResales Showroom

BrickResales is a massive showroom open to the public that buys and resells quality, pre-loved LEGO for a fraction of the cost of brand new LEGO. 

The owners of Brisbane's first second-hand LEGO store, Judy and Greg, were regulars at local LEGO events like the popular BrisBricks, where thousands of LEGO fanatics would line-up for the chance to dig through tonnes of LEGO to find the right parts for their collections.

Aug 30 , 2021

How to earn money with your LEGO collection - that’s awesome!

Building with LEGO has been a favourite pastime for kids pretty much since the time the plastic bricks were invented. Many adults are enthusiasts too – known as AFOLs or Adult Fans of LEGO – and it can be an expensive hobby. But, did you know there are ways your collection could help fund your hobby, or even earn you some extra cash?

Jul 27 , 2021

Dig Through Tonnes Of LEGO At The South Side’s New Pre-Loved Lego Store

You know the sound of someone digging through a box of LEGO, looking for that one piece that they really need for their plastic brick creation? Well that’s just the sound you’ll hear as soon as you walk through the door of BrickResales, the south side’s new home of pre-loved LEGO.

Once a pop-up event business, before COVID put a stop to massive warehouse events, BrickResales buys and resells tonnes of LEGO in every shape, size and colour—and when we say tonnes, we mean tonnes. Owner and founder Judy Friedman, a Lego addict herself, built up a cult-following of people who would come from near and far to dig through containers of LEGO, and though BrickResales transformed into an online business during lockdown, the clamour for more events got so loud, that she decided it was time for a permanent store.

Dec 25 , 2020

LEGO In Education

Once upon a time, playing with LEGO was strictly an after-school activity-these days, however, more and more schools are realising the value of the beloved bricks in education. It turns out, they’re worth their weight in gold.

Aug 30 , 2020

LEGO resale company Brick Resales offering hundreds for unwanted toys

If you have children, chances are you also have tubs of LEGO tucked away in the cupboards.

But when the kids leave the house, what do you do with all the tiny bricks?

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