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It's amazing

Another great mini figure.

LEGO Technic Pneumatic Cylinder 1 Inlet Medium 48mm

Awesome, was looking for one, as the one at home was broken.
Thanks heaps

Always fabulous!

Many thanks for another great set of mini dolls. My daughter loves them and a great addition to our collection.

Mini fig

Awesome little one. We are preparing our advent calender as we don't do chocolate one.
This is the best way to give the kids what they want and not spend a fortune
Again awesome service and item

Great product

Another great purchase . Thankyou you guys !

Love these, they're really cool!

I was so excited to receive the high quality and quantity of duplo bricks I ordered . As new and arrived quickly . Already ordered more !!

Good variety of lego pieces in different colours arrnage to big to small , windows and tyres. I'm diffently getting another bag from brick resales. Thank you 😊.👍

I had no idea what to expect before ordering this. But it truely is a great variety.
It came with a completely filled 20x25cm resealable bag and the 3 mini figures as promised.
The variety is amazing - there’s bricks, plates, tiles, wheels, panels, windshields, doors, pins, minifigure accessories and more. The colour diversity is well balanced also.
Would not recommend to fussy collectors as, while most of the bricks are in great condition, some do have the usual signs of obvious playwear like some scratching and dents (see photo). Oh, and one non-lego piece slipped in too.
Would highly recommend for anyone who wants to play with the bricks rather than display them. While some pieces have some defects from previous use, none hinder the function of the piece. Perfect for kids (4-99 years) to spark the imagination and quickly build up a highly functional collection.
Looking forward to the next delivery.

Duplo 500g Mixed Bag
Louise Coman

Was thrilled to receive my first order of Duplo of 50 2x2 blocks and a 500g mixed bag of Duplo. Quality cleaned as new and quantity was excellent in comparison to new in store. A great collection for my grandson’s visit to Nan nan. Thank you!

These will be perfect to use in my pirate MOC project!

Complete random will need a few before you you can make anything. Way too many vehicle parts especially wheels.

No complaints about tracks, after all, it IS Lego, but why does it take you 10 to 12 days to fulfil an order to Perth, when others do it in 4?

I love them and get the odd one from time to time just to put randomly in my display legos 😊🥰

Two excellent and varied mini dolls; I got a cute blonde ice skater Stephanie and a magician Mia. Getting two random mini dolls as part of your order adds to the excitement of receiving more excellent LEGO from BrickResales. I will be ordering another set soon….

Got the first bunch of minifigs - a set of skateborders, snowboarders and surfers. It was more minifigures than I was expecting, and my son thinks they are awesome!

A nice selection of useful parts and good value. Thank you!

Very happy with our purchase, postage was prompt and received in great time thank you

Loved the white lamp posts with top and glass, they look very smart.

A nice little collection of lightsabers

Parcel came quickly. Wheels and axels were a good assortment for my young Grandsons to use.

Amazing variety of parts, fantastic way to start up or add to your lego collection.

Love buying from you guys!

Lego Mixed Bag Of Leaves, Flowers & Foliage!

Parts were in perfect condition. Great value for the selection you get.