We support RizeUp

If you’ve received an email from BrickResales, you may have noticed a small (but very important) line below the sign off. It’s a running tally of the amount of money we have donated to causes close to our heart – in particular, RizeUp Australia.
At the time of writing, we’ve donated over $75,000 to RizeUp Australia and various community organisations. Safe to say, we’re very, very proud of that!

Who are RizeUp?

Did you know that, on average, a woman is killed by her partner or a former partner every single week in Australia? What’s more, one in four Australian women has experienced physical, sexual or emotional violence by a partner – and of those women, more than half have children in their care.

Heartbreaking statistics like these are exactly why RizeUp Australia (our charity of choice at BrickResales) exists.

RizeUp is a community-driven organisation made up of passionate men and women, all of whom are dedicated to supporting the many Australian families affected by domestic and family violence.

Rize Up

Through their ‘RizeUp at Home’ program, the team transforms barren properties into purposefully-created homes that are tailored to the specific family’s individual needs – because every family deserves a home free from domestic and family violence.

They even provide rapid response (everything from food to blankets to urgent funds) to meet the immediate and diverse needs of families fleeing domestic violence.

Of course, while there’s no denying that RizeUp is making a huge impact, we’ve still got a long way to go. Reducing instances of domestic violence and providing meaningful support to victims is a cause that’s very close to the heart of our entire BrickResales family – especially our founder Judy.

How do we support RizeUp?

The little blue bucket

Have you noticed the RizeUp bucket sitting on our counter as you enter our showroom? Every month or so, we donate its contents to RizeUp – and we are so appreciative to all of you who pop a few coins in this bucket.

For families leaving domestic violence, every dollar matters. We would love to see the bucket fill up even faster. Any amount helps! Next time you have some spare change, or perhaps even a bit of cash left over from your BrickResales shop, please know that it would be going to an incredible cause that is close to our hearts.

The RizeUp Christmas Appeal

Each year, RizeUp Australia teams up with businesses all over the country (like us!) to collect Christmas gifts for children in domestic and family refuges/services. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages (find us @brickresales on both) to find out how and when you can get involved in the appeal. Your small act of kindness means the world to these children.

RizeUp Christmas Appeal