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Ready to up your LEGO hobby to more advanced and complex builds with Technic parts and pieces?

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FAQs on LEGO Technic and Robotics

With a heritage spanning over four decades, Technic has continually pushed the boundaries of what is possible in the world of LEGO. Whether you want to build Technic cars, cranes, trucks, excavators, helicopters, or even robots, there is something for every LEGO builder in Australia at BrickResales.

Buy LEGO Technic Pieces: What is available?

Our online store offers a wide range of LEGO Technic parts and pieces, including axles, connectors, gears and motors. With so many options, you can easily find the right pieces for your project.

Since 1977, LEGO Technic sets have provided builders with more advanced pieces like gears, axles and motors. LEGO Technic building instruction manuals guide builders through complex models with realistic functions and movements. This level of functionality has made the LEGO Technic range a popular LEGO theme among adult fans who seek complicated builds that challenge their creative and building skills.

Technic sets and pieces offer a range of possibilities for LEGO builders to make moving models and replicate real-world engineering systems. LEGO Technic opens up a new world of building possibilities that is fun and educational!

Build and Program Robots with LEGO Robotics

LEGO Robotics combines traditional LEGO building with coding and technology using motors, sensors, remote controls and programmable bricks. It offers an interactive and educational experience that teaches kids aged six and up the basics of coding languages as they assemble and program robots to move and perform tasks.

The latest robotics, such as LEGO MINDSTORMS® EV3 and the NXT Intelligent Brick from the discontinued LEGO Mindstorms robot series, can be conveniently controlled and interacted with via smartphones using the Scratch-based LEGO® MINDSTORMS® app.

It's an excellent way for AFOLs (adult fans of LEGO) to challenge themselves with robot programming, or for young girls and boys to take playtime to the next level through STEM.

With our wide selection of original Technic and Robotics parts and pieces, convenient online ordering system, and affordable prices, there's no better way to improve your LEGO collection than with BrickResales. Whether you want to find that missing shock absorber or replace those broken motor and motion sensors, the BrickResales team is here to help.

Why buy second-hand LEGO Technic and Robotics?

Buying brand-new LEGO sets and parts can be expensive, making it difficult for some fans to keep up with their hobby. Fortunately, there is a fantastic solution that is good for your wallet and the environment: buying second-hand! 

You’ll find the pieces you need - without breaking the bank. You’ll also be participating in a LEGO Circular Economy, keeping these beloved toys out of landfill.

Not to mention, scouring the internet for amazing deals on second-hand LEGO parts is fun! You never know what you might find, and the search can be as exciting as the result. Hunting for rare pieces and parts can be a fun way to spend an afternoon, and it can be just as satisfying as building a brand-new set from scratch. 

Remember, we stock up daily in our online store and showroom. All of our preloved LEGO Technic parts and pieces are genuine LEGO products and are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised before being put up for sale. 

What are other LEGO options? 

While BrickResales has the replacement for the missing wheels, bogies, buffer beams or those axle pins you need, we also carry basic bricks and other LEGO-themed parts and pieces perfect for beginners and children.

If LEGO building is your passion, we have mixed packs of unique LEGO bricks to help you build exciting models or scenes. We also have free LEGO instructions in our showroom that you can take home! Learn more about the BrickResales Showroom here.

And, our selection is even broader than individual pieces or bulk LEGO bricks! We also offer LEGO-themed merchandise, such as clothing and accessories, so that you can show off your love for LEGO building to the world.

With BrickResales as your go-to source for cheap LEGO Technic for sale in Australia, you'll always have ways to express yourself through this timeless hobby. Shop today and start your next-level LEGO building.