Who is BrickResales?

BrickResales is so much more than a ‘LEGO Business’. In fact … far from it! BrickResales is a community of people, connected through the amazing world of LEGO! Sharing an experience with others, building fun things fresh out of your imagination is something literally millions of people of all ages, cultures and experience do every hour of every day. BrickResales loves that that no-one else has provided access to this world at this scale.

What we do know and understand through many years of experience in Event Management, PR & Marketing, is that our combined efforts work … really work! Part of the success is the Team spirit we all share. As they say – ‘None of us are as strong as all of us!’. Simply by always asking the BrickResales Community what THEY want and delivering that to the best of our abilities has helped us grow and help others on a scale that still surprises even us!

Every event we ask for a small Gold Coin Donations or entry fees, and our community groups holding sausage sizzles at every event. Not only do we get to do want we LOVE to do, but as a bonus through our LEGO Friends, much needed funds are raised for those who need help.

We really do all have more than we need and your ‘couple of dollars’ entry may not feel like much, but our combined donations have a MASSIVE impact on the community! By connecting people with shared experiences people feel great and that’s when our job is done!

So yes, in simple terms we are buying and selling Preloved LEGO, but it’s so much more than that. LEGO adults & children can sometimes be isolated, and sometimes this is a choice. LEGO is an amazing way to escape into a world of creativity, of non-judgement and a world of simply ‘being’. As you are aware LEGO is used in many educational centres, for rehabilitation, helping mental illness and disabilities. LEGO can be as simple or as complex as you like. LEGO has a special kind of magic that brings people together and helps them smile 😊

This is what BrickResales is about - bringing people together through LEGO. Creating places of non-judgement, freedom & unleashing imaginations! Buy as much or as little as you choose, a space to help others find their treasures & freedom to stay as long as you please.

There are so many stories to tell of our LEGO Friends - we don’t call them clients or customers. Stories of people who have been socially excluded, who turn to, or come back to LEGO as adults. Events are created for you to connect or reconnect with LEGO and to help you create the experience for someone really special… you!

If you have any ideas or feedback, please let us know. This is how changes are made and new ways of having fun are discovered.
With a passion about the changing faces of LEGO throughout the decades … LEGO Collectors UNITE! We are LEGO Builders! We create LEGO MOC’s (My Own Creations). We Exhibit LEGO. We are a LEGO Family. YOU are a part of THAT Family!

Now go build something!! 😊